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Name: ZX spectrum
Relics date: 1982
Players: 2 player(s)
Online interface: none
Favourite game: Batman

Graphics: 2
Games: 8
Sound: 2


I had to review this console during a time when the latest and greatest systems are out and about. It makes me reflect on what first brought me in to the gaming world. It wasn’t an Atari or even a Nintendo. I am talking about the all mighty Spectrum. At this point your sitting there thinking WTF is a Spectrum. Well sit back my friends I'm about to reveal all.
So lets begin with the console information. The spectrum was released in the UK in 1982, 4 years before I was even born. It was the first home computer, which made it an important first step to the world of electronic computers. People argue that some of the hardware effects of this are still seen in this day and age. I don’t know if that’s true but its nice to think so. Although the graphics are bad compared to today's standards, back then it was cutting edge.
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Surprisingly there are more than one good title for this system. Games such as:
Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Ghost busters
Granted, these games look very similar to a point where you can't tell them apart, but that doesn't matter it was still fun. These games are the hardest you will ever play.

The spectrum uses cassettes to run around 600 different games, which is quite an impressive selection for a computer that only uses around 14 different colours.
The spectrum has increased in price over the years and can be bought from places like ebay for around £120 ($240).
This is the most sentimental of consoles for me and I regret the day I got rid of it

The console
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In game graphics
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Spectrum Batman