Name: Ebele Louise Roderick
Age: 24
Birthday: N/A
Height: 5'5"/165cm

Distinguishable Features: Wild, wavy and curly hair; piercing blue eyes; talking raven on her head/shoulders

Typical Appearance: N/A
Occupation: Jeweler/Part-time assistant to Private Detective Arnold Swanson
Abilities: Various kicking attacks; minimal shapeshifting abilities (thick bear paw pads form on the soles of her feet, sclera in eyes turn pitch black)

Personality: Ebele is known to be a kind yet straightforward person. She prefers getting things done through her own methods (which are partially inspired from her own father), and strives to do the right thing right up till her limitations.

Harry Roderick (brother)
Tyrone Roderick (father)
Iris Roderick (mother, deceased)
Renee Roderick (aunt)
Bernadine Roderick (aunt)
Hannah Roderick (second cousin)
Nora Roderick (grandmother)
Kazuo Jones (step-grandfather)
• Rice the Raven ("son", pet)

Arnold Swanson (friend, employer)
• Martha the Northern Goshawk (friend)
Sydney Darell (family friend)
Jameson Meyer (family friend)
Sandy Mayfield (family friend)
Commissioner Robin (acquaintance)


• Ebele decided to work for Arnold due to having similar connections with an ongoing cold case.

• She owns her own jewelry shop. Her #1 sold items are diamond pendants.

• Her raven companion is named Rice. He's a talkative bird that poses as her bodyguard, for he is capable of shapeshifting into a bulky, 9-ft raven for her protection. He refers to her as his mother and is very attached to her.

• Ebs can't fight for long periods of time since she has stamina issues.

• Ebele is also sensitive about her mother's death, and prefers that no one brings it up.