Oh no-another false flag,
New york got nuked and they blame Iran,
Make a new pipe line get the gas flowing free
The Zionist swine from the devils tree
With bombs and bullets a killing spree
Sacrifice children for illumin-ati
Some advice-never think twice
Trust in them you'll be read your last rites

When it's time to go yeah you better move fast
Can you out run-the nuclear blast?
If you learn from anything learn from the past
Left and Right wing made the N.D. double-A Pass
There won't be a hero why did you ask
Now grab your mask we're about to be gassed

They want you dead read the real 21
The UN agenda to kill your loved ones
Brain fried from TV yeah it's overdone
Look out now another bombing run!

Think fast-Oh it's too late
They starved you out, least you finally lost weight
Without a doubt, we lost our free state
Our Bill of Rights-they desecrate
Now get in line your death awaits

Where were you-when the warning went out
The truther tried but you only had doubt
They tried to show you-we had another route
Now the crops died-from a HAARP drought

Billions dying
politicians lying
Soldiers complying
Big Brother spying
Only missiles flying
The truthers sighing
Patriots trying
Rebels defying
Families are crying
And you're still denying?