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Poems by me!
Poems i write over the years.
My Character Information

Nyu (Lucy is my alter ego)


Around 17 (no one knows for sure)


Diclonius (mutant human)


A Diclonius is a mutant created by humans. We have a special ability that can be described as a sixth sense. We have enough power to exterminate the whole human race. Afraid of our power, Humans isolated us in research labs to be studied. Diclonius are strictly female. No one is sure why. Lucy my alter ego, escapes confinement, kills the guards and escapes the lab. During the escape Lucy is shot in the back of the head, falling into the ocean. When she comes to, she is Nyu. At first Nyu has no name. She cannot talk other than saying "Nyu". I meet two people on the beach. They take me home, name me Nyu, and take care of me. At times when i become angry i become Lucy once again. If I am Lucy beware. Lucy is dangerous and will kill anyone in her path (family or not).


Characterised by two rounded horns emanating out of the skull (which resemble cat ears), the telekinetic ability to manipulate solid matter through the use of limited range, invisible, arms extending out of my back, know as "vectors". A diclonius' vectors can be several meters in length, and are many times stronger than the physical human body, allowing a diclonius to telekinetically lift objects many times their own weight and hurl them with tremendous force, or to dismember an enemy by pulling them limb from limb or simply punch them. They can also be used to telekinetically shield a diclonius from projectile weapons, rendering most guns useless against them (with the exception of heavy-caliber armor-piercing ammunition). Vectors can pass through living flesh without causing harm, but if a diclonius wills it their vectors can become unbelievably sharp (by causing it to vibrate at a microscopic level), capable of effortlessly slicing through just about anything - including human flesh and bone. Diclonii also possess a limited psychic ability, in that they can sense a fellow diclonius' presence via telepathy over short distances. Diclonius mutants are theorized to be an emergent new race, in direct evolutionary conflict with normal humans, each possessing the innate drive to exterminate the human race so their new race can thrive (though as the series progresses, this is called into question).

To clear things up: I have 8 Vectors that are 2 meters long. As Nyu they remain unused. As Lucy they become the weapon of choice. Again beware of Lucy.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Ich Liebe Dich!
When you tell me that you love me,
I want it to be true.
If you tell me you love me,
and weeks later say we're through.
If i hear those words,
I'll cry at night you'll see.
If thats whats gonna happen,
Then please just let me be.
When you tell me that you love me,
I want it to be true.
I guess what I am saying,
Is i really do love you.

Love Me Forever
Will you always love me,
Even if i fall apart?
Will you always love me,
And never break my heart?
Even when we're not together,
will you think of me and smile?
Before you say forever,
Just think on this awhile.
Will you love me in the morning?
Will you love me late at night?
Will you love me in the afternoon?
Will you hold me nice and tight?
Will you love me when the moon comes up,
And when the sun goes down?
Will you love me forever,
Cuz I believe its love i've found.

We the Wicked!
My heart belongs to my Juggalo boys!
Lettes know what im saying, "Make some noise"!
We keep our Juggalos living proud.
Scream WICKED CLOWNS and say it loud!
We'll keep on rapping til we die.
We lettes is never, ever shy.
We ******** up haters, fakes, and ho's.
You ******** with us our temper shows.
We chop your nugget, spank that a**.
Trap you in a Faygo glass.
Shake the bottle, watch you drown.
Don't ******** with lettes, we Wicked Clowns.

******** with lettes,
We ******** with you.
Mess with us,
We get our crew.
Push us lettes,
We beat you down.
We lettes is down,
With wicked clowns.

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Roses are Red!
Roses are Red,
Violets are blue.
I'm involved,
but not with you.
When we broke up,
You thought I would cry,
but it was all,
another guy.
You told your friends,
that i was a trick.
So i told mine,
you had no d**k.
You said you loved me,
I knew it was true.
Well guess what player,
I played you.

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