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Spazzy's Random Crap The title says it all. 8) No really, it does. Don't believe me, look through it. Duh, cause Spazzy = Random!! >P

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Role-play Ideas

I've given up keeping track of my RP's because I have so little. Just ask me about ideas, I'm up for almost anything.

- Shape shifter / human
- School of the gifted
- Experiment / Scientist

- Haunted House
- Halloween attraction with stranger [ 2 riders per car, 3 friends. 2 go ahead and the other rides with another single rider and the two end up bonding. (One could be really scared and jump/cling to the stranger. They get stuck when it breaks down. Something like that). ]

- Vampire / Demon haunting an old house
- Silent Hill type house [goes through a door into a nightmare land]
- Ghost / Human [human finds a haunted house, meets with ghost]

- Hunter / Mage
- Hired to help
- Tags along after crashing into them
- Fight each other, ends up falling for them
- Finds weak hunter/mage in woods and needs to nurse them back to health

Doctor / Patient
- Mentally crazy
- Stupid stunt [ Practiced a jump or some activity and breaks a bone, depressed and cut self. Misunderstood/thinks crazy when emotion wreck. Things like that. ]
- Generally weak / always sick
- Ex-lover / psychiatrist
- Ex-lover is in the hospital from a bad accident and only remembers their ex who willingly helps them remember current events but not their breakup. [ Could have a current lover causing problems with this for extra drama. ]

- Demon possessed / summer intern. You know those bad Syfy movies where they go crazy and seem to be haunted by ghosts and at the end are in a hospital? Yes? Alright, let’s start there. She needs to be given meals, watched over via cameras in her room the whole deal but she starts to warm up to the summer intern and by the time they think she might be getting better the summer is ending which means the intern is leaving so what happens now?

Bands / Musical
- Garage band
- Famous band
- Plays guitar at coffee shop/on the street/in a park/etc
- Plays for fun

Drinkers Game
- Bar setting. Drinker gets drunk/passes out/just can't move so bartender takes home [drinkers or bar tenders]

- Gambler gambles away large sum of money, gets depressed and drinks like crazy. Attendant/bar tender/whoever takes them to a hotel room to help.

- Waiter / Customer. Cafe waiter and a daily customer one day get a chance to talk and they hit it off.

- Friends fall for each other
- Nerd / Popular, emo / popular, emo / nerd, etc etc
- Teacher / student
- Teacher / Teacher
- Student / Student
- Student teacher / Teacher
- Student teacher / Student
- Popular / Outcast switch bodies once every two weeks. Randomly during a two week span the outcast wakes up and gets treated much like a popular kid would, while the popular kid gets treated like the outcast. Basically, walk a mile in someone's shoes.

- Bully Confrontation. It could be the new kid, a nerd someone finally stands up to the bully. It's a spring day, so most of the kids are outside eating lunch. The bully picks on some kid [let's say the new kid] and he finally has enough because he was bullied in his old school so he stands up and ends up fighting the bully. I don't really know what could happen from here, but I'm sure we could talk.

- Roommates
- Male gets put in a female dorm because of a name mix up. They don’t match up personality wise and it’s going to be a long semester unless they learn to get along.

- When they found out they would be roommates, they were alright with it but as the semester wore on they started to feel something for each other but didn’t want to say anything in case the other didn’t feel the same.

- Arranged marriage
- Demon King / Angel queen
- Modern day Romeo / Juliette
- Knight in shining armor
- Long lost best friends - raised at birth together, moved/taken away at young age and reunited with marriage

- Long lost best friends - raised together since birth, moved/taken away and reunited at a party

- Long lost best friends. Two males who were raised together since birth but one of them was taken away around the age ten to go into hiding to protect his life. Ten years later, he's reunited with his best friend at a party. But what they don't know is as the night continues, they start to feel their bond coming back. But it's not a brotherly bond anymore, it's a love bond. They want to be together, even though it's wrong and will get them both killed. Will they marry a women and try to continue life as though they aren't meant to be together or will they run away together to live a life they want? Or in an even more despite manner will they marry a women but continue to see each other as lovers, basically cheating on their wives with another man.

- Prince is exiled from kingdom for not going through with his arranged marriage, on his way to the kingdom he'll be staying at he is mugged and left for dead. Someone comes along and finds him, nursing him back to health and they quickly become close since no one is really searching for the Prince anyway.

- Knight in disguise / Princess
- Prince in disguise / Princess
- b*****d child / Royal
- Prince / Commoner

- Abused / worried friend - abusive boyfriend/girlfriend beats them and the friend gets worried and wants to help but the abused won't have it.

- Abused / worried friend - abused teen gets beaten by parents and the friend wants to help, abused doesn't want it.

- Emotional unstable / worried friend - friend cuts themselves/abuses self/etc and has a friend who is worried about them and wants to help them. Could end up falling for them even with their problems.

- Master buys Slave from another master/store, kinda like a pet adoption.
- Person helps Slave escape, slave feels the need to repay the person/adopts as new Master.
- Person helps Slave escape and since they had no where to go, the person helps [maybe becomes new master or something along those lines].

- Prostitute / Concerned
- Concerned citizen sees prostitute on the corner and wants to help them. They buy some time with the prostitute but doesn't use it for their specials and instead cleans them up/buys new clothes/that kind of thing. Concerned citizen fights/buys freedom from the ruler of the prostitute in the end.

- Helps prostitute get help/break away from hard life without the ruler of them knowing.

- Doctor returning home from work sees an abused prostitute standing on a corner. They buy some time and explains how they wanted to help the prostitute and has connections so it will only cost the prostitute their time which the doctor will buy.

- Rich person sees a prostitute buys time, has way with and sends back with some extra money. Ends up returning for them over and over and starts falling for them. Rich person has to to fight owner for their freedom to take for themselves.

- Pirate finds a mermaid. [ Washed ashore, in the boat, things like that.]
- Pirate rivals
- Female sneaks onto boat and has to hide her secret from the all male crew
- Captain / Crew Member

- childhood friends find each other again

- friends make a promise to each other, they promised to date when they were older because they knew it was just silly puppy love at such a young age. They have grown apart some as they grew up, so will their dating still work out?

- Handcuffed together having to escape. [ Kidnapped and manage to break free of one set of cuffs but they’re still together and need to get out and to safety. ]

- Nanny / Widowed father. Father needs someone to watch the kids now that his wife is gone, so he puts out an ad for a Nanny and ends up picking one off the streets and ends up falling for her.

- Wedding day. Girl runs away because she realizes the man set to be her husband is not the one for her. Runs to a park and finds a man who did the same thing with his wife only he didn't even make it to the church. They get to talking until one of the wedding party members pulls one of them away. They didn't get a chance to exchange numbers and had trouble remembering the others name. Of course fate brings them together later and they get a chance to hit it off once more.

- Online friends fall for each other, want to meet but one's nearly broke and the other cannot fly [panic attack, medical problem, something along those lines] and they live on opposite coasts. How will it work out?

- College student does dirty chats/stripping for money to stay in college and gets a repeating screen name on all of her chats/sessions. The two end up talking, repeating screen name ends up telling them that they are loaded and willing to pay for their college so the student can stop.

- College student does dirty chats/stripping to get money for college and gets a repeating screen name. The two end up talking and falling for each other but now becomes the problem of how the student can earn money without offending the person behind the screen name.

Road Trip
- Driving cross country when they decide to take a break and one of the people needs to use the bathroom. The people in the car find a creepy town, something about the people inside it seem off.

- A friend is moving a few states away, not wanting to be alone on the drive down they are able to convince their friend to join them and offers to split the cost of the plane/train ticket back up. They take a break and find what seems to be the perfect little town. But the one thing they do not know is what happens in that town at night...

- Middle of no where when the car breaks down. Those in the car find inbred cannibals.

- The rain finally let up and so the adventure was able to start again. They pack the car, move out and start driving. Traveling through the woods, they get stuck in some mud from the small road and can't get the car out. With no cell phone service they decide to walk back to the town when one of them says if they cut through the woods they might get their faster. But they don't know that there are mentally insane people who are living in them and will kill anyone who steps onto their land.

Will add more when I think of them.

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