Entry Tag: Jackariah Beckett | Flutter/hipogryph | unedited | Solo

Edit Category: - Unedited
Soquili Species: - flutter/hippogryph
Body Build: Regular
Gender: Male
Starting Stage: Adult
Concept Origin: original design? It is a mock child of one of my familiar pairs, but turned into a soq lol
WIP Needed? that would be lovely nwn

-- Colors & Markings --
Body: CC based on parents
Face: CC based on parents
Mane: something curly and windswept with a few braids if you don't mind . And quite a bit so his 'mom' and two 'siblings' can nest in without having to ride the caboose xD.
Tail: a mix of something curly and braided. It should have more braids than his mane. Maybe a little windswept so it doesn't look out of place with the mane?
Hooves/Fetlocks: claws please. If they can't be all claws then at least front claws.
Reference Image(s): mamma and papa
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-- Physical Breed Traits --
Horn(s): none
Wings: if you could somehow mix the flutter and feathered templates I would look over that. Besides that, cc
Fins: none
Scales: none
Pelt: none
Other Notes: feather fetlocks, feather cheeks, and beak please

-- Accessories & Edits --
Trading Post Items: armband and feathers (without peace pipe). Square saddle. If possible can I have an uncert with all items together, then an uncert with the items seperate? If at all possible nwn;;.
Custom Items: List any custom accessories/items.
Reference Image(s) for Items:

-- Existing Pets --
If you didn't design this yourself (and it's not a commercial cosplay), did you get written permission to use the design?: Yes. Also, Sherardii and Sterling are lifemates . As well as permission