[color=silver][size=18]its EXTREMELY LONG AND MSSING PARTS..my aplogizes in advance...enjoy!!! it needed some editing..Ill fix that...[/size] [size=9]Kairi: Sora you lazy bum I gotta tell you something... Sora: what? Kairi: truthfully I was in love with Riku at the start >.< Sora: what?!?! Riku: and im in love with you Sora every1: what!??!?! Savannah: what??!?! Riku is... Raine: guess so *Riku kidnapps sora* Kairi: after him!!! Kairi:Riku give back sora!!! every1: OMG.... Savannah: your...a.... Raine: I think I could.... SORA IS DRESSED LIKE KAIRI!!! Riku: step right up take a picture of sora in kairi's outfits shots its all free so hop to it beofre he goes away!!! *takes picture * sora: uh...help me!?!??! kairi: ahh!!! sora....don't worry i'm coming!! savannah: h-h-he....hes in kairi's outfit, omg...this is so weird!!.... ..i can't see...ok...i think i'll just faint (hehe i'll take a pic. 1st and use it to humiliate him when i need it) raine: slap out of it savannah we gotta help him!! *eeekkk...rikus gone crazy* *hayner, pence and olette comes over* hayer, pence, olette: HOLY CRAP SORA!! HES IN KAIRI'S OUTFIT!! WHAT DOES HE THINK HES DOING! Kairi: omg you guys are here, please help!! its not soras fault riku did this to him! Riku: hey guys, step right up and take a picture! (hm..more people are coming, guess i should keep this up longer) *ties sora onto a pole* Pence: haha well he does look good in it * takes pic * Hayner: *drools* Kairi's here Olette: wow this is halirious Sora: ugh..this is so embrassing..HELLOOO PEOPLES, UN-TIE ME ALREADY Kairi: ok fine fine ill untie you~ *unties* sora: thank you kairi now you may be the only one who actullay does have some sense here Olette: aww whyd you do that?!??! Kairi: because sora is really a girl! kairi: and he should where a girls dress sora: thats not me thats riku!!! hes a cross dresser!!! every1:hes what!?!?! sora: thats right hes a cross dresser and not just that!! every1: what!! what!!! sora: hes GAY!! Hayner, Pence and Olette: HOLY CRAP!!! Savannah, Raine, Kairi: its true Olette: well, theres nothing wrong with that is there i mean we can't be a racist about it! *Riku starts hugging Sora* Sora: Wha-t are you talking about! No! YOu're very WRONG, there is something REALLY WRONG WITH THAT!! Kairi: at least for him Savannah: sniff, i had a crush on riku from the start also! *head facing on the ground hopelessly* [what a cruel world] Raine: *pats Savannah on the back* it'll be ok Kairi: *wispering* Hey Hey, which part of riku did you like?! Savannah: *still sniffing* t-the dark one *sniff* Kairi: really..hehe i liked the other one! Savannah: *points thumbs up then falls to the ground sniffing* *riku still hugging sora~soon kisses him on the lips* Sora: WHHAAAA!!!!!!!! GET OFF ME!!!! I'M NOT LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Kairi: AAAHHHH!!!!!!!!! HE KISSED SORA!!!!!!!!! [h-he stole his first kiss] Savannah: *gets up in anger* HOW DARE YOU RIKU!!!!!!!!!! Raine: MAN! Theres a lot of drama going on Hayner: These people are crazy Pence: *taking more and more pictures* Olette: I'll just sit and watch Raine: fine fine ill help everyone out in exchage... Hayner: in exchage for what Raine: youll find out *claps and preforms alchemy* Olette:OMG THERES 2 RIKUS!!! Kairi: OMG Savannah: Kairi/savannah: wel love you two!!! Riku(s): we love you two as well ^^ Raine: yes the good riku and the bad one now everyones happy I also took away the fact hes gay ^^ Hayner: but what about the exchage thing? Raine: so the thing is, since Riku is gay I have to give his gayness away in exchage for creating 2 rikus so I gave it away to Sora ^^ every1: YOU WHAT!?!?! Raine: arnt I smart Kairi/Savannah/Sora: AHHH!! I LOVE YOU RAINE!! Raine: hahaha, thank you!! thank you!! i'm such a genius Riku: Hi Kairi Kairi: H-Hi Riku uh oh wat am i doing, i like sora don't i?! Dark Riku: What up Savannah! Savannah: EEEEKKKKK!!!!!! HI!!!! Olette: Oh what cute couples!! Hayner: uh...ahem...maybe you should take a look at sora! Pence: man this is halirious!! *takes a pic. of sora* Sora: K-Kairi......S-Shes blushing a riku............man i knew riku was more better at things than me! *sobs* Raine:well anyways lets all go out!!! Raine: me and sora sora: but I dont like you Raine: what did you say?!?! sora: *sobs* nothing... raine: thought so savannahxdark riku kairixgood riku ok? Hayner/pence/olette: what about us? Raine:your being super sies and observing there dates along with me and sora Hayner: ok then Olette: where to? Raine: you pick savannah where would you like to go to? Sora: WHAA!!! *runs off* Raine:well there goes sora, anywyas where to? Savannah: um... Savannah: aw man why did sora go off! uh ok ok....hm.................. heheha..i know where! every1: where?! Savannah: THE WORLD THAT NEVER WAS!!!!!! [music-da da da dumm..] Kairi: uh....ok...i didn't expect that Raine: ha...what do you think..shes with dark riku Dark Riku: oh yea, i like this girl Good Riku: ppfftt..shes a physco Savannah: DON'T TALK ABOUT ME LIKE THAT *knocks good riku's head* Good Riku: ouch! Kairi:.....ahem...... Savannah: oh hehe...ok...lets go then Sora: hurry quick run...run!!! can't let them catch me *looks up* yea thats right i'll go here, they'll never come here! *heading to the World That Never Was* ~at the world that never was~ Kairi: he I meant to this earllier but *slaps dark riku* Dark Riku: hey ouch >< Savannah: what?!?! whyd you do that! Kairi: you hurt my riku Savannah: what! that doesnt mean you to have to do that too!!! Kairi: Savannah: Dark/good riku: oh look there fighting over us every1 else: -.-" ~hours later~ Raine: uh...are you guys done yet?!?! Savannah: no we are not!!! Kairi: no one hurts riku got that!!! Raine: -___-; uh that it... *grabs riku(s) and makes tham drink* ~seconds alter~ Riku(s): uh...*hic*.... Savannah/Kairi: eh whatd you do!?!?! Raine: oh look its sora Olette: where!?!? *raine runaways* Hayer/Pence: there goes raine Savannah/Kairi: uh Riku(s)...u guys ok! Riku(s): *snoring* Savannah: *sniff at dark riku* yuck! they've been drunk Kairi: hm..Raine... Savannah: wait, where is she Olette: i don't know she disappeared Hayner/Pence: She ran that way Olette: oh how you know Hayner/Pence: uh we've been like sitting here for like hours, how could we not miss anything Olette: ah haha...sry bout that Kairi: oh great! first sora now raine, whos gonna be next!! Savannah: ahhh!!! the riku(s) are gone Hayner/Pence: *giggles* well if just so happens that they've been drunked so bad their cheating on both of you Savannah/Kairi: uh...come again Olette: THEIR CHEATING ON YOU, LOOK! *riku(s) kissing* Savannah/Kairi: OMG!!!!! THIER GAY AGAIN!!! *savannah and kairi falls to the ground hoplessly* Savannah: *sniff* so much for raine's spell/magic Kairi: *gets up in rage* RIKU!!!!!! guess whats gonna happen! Savannah: oh dear! *hm..guess i should go with it too* Savannah/Kairi: MUWAHAHA.....YOUR ABOUT TO DIE!! Dark Riku: yea right! *darkness shadows starts to surround him* Savannah/Kairi: ahaha...we're sorry, we meant uh...he's gonna die! Good Riku: who he? Savannah/Kairi: him Olette/Hayner/Pence: hey its sora Sora: huh.... oh crap Raine: *still running* hmm..wonder what Savannah/Kairi gonna do about the drunked riku(s) SOME PART HERE THAT’S LEFT OUT SORRY!!! savannah: raine you are such a genius, no actually, a genius maniac! raine: uh...ok, i kinda want to go with genius, thats all! jeez, does she really think i'm a maniac?!?! hayner: man! two celebrations on one day, wow i'm hecka tired olette: oh hayner! stop complaining you lazy bum! kairi: wow olette i'd never thought you'd say something like that! lol i always thought your just the neat and smart one! raine: HEY!! WHOS THE SMART ONE HERE!! kairi: uh hehe..oh sorry i forgot about that! raine: *ahem* anyways lets focus on the wedding then pin the tail on sora for his birthday!! >< hehehe sora: did you say something about me! raine: DOES IT LOOK LIKE IT!!!!! sora: *pee-ed his pants* uh..n=no... every1: giggles donald: wow i never saw sora so frighten before goofy: A-HUCK...really, hes scare of a girl! donaly: which side are you on!! *wedding starts again* raine: pay attention!! raine: ok where were we?! yunnie: >< the part where they kiss savannah/dark riku: *blushes* kairi: WHOOO!!! GO SAVANNAH, YOU ROCK raine: *bonks kairi's head* don't interrup kairi: ow..ok..sorry man now i know why sora's so scare of this girl...and yet is funny..eh well savannah/dark riku: *about to kiss* WAAAIIIITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! every1: WTF!!!!!!!!!! WHOS INTERRUPTING!!!!!!!! *stares at sora* sora: whaa...wasn't me roxas: it was me! savannah, tell me which one of us do you love more!! me or dark riku! dark riku: oh come on, shes forgot about you ever since we've planned this wedding! roxas: savannah, don't you remember all the times we had, not to mention i was your first love ever!! savannah: um..... god damn it, what am i gonna do raine: oh god this is bad! hurry raine think of something wait a second i can't use magic to interfere love affairs....well i guess all up to you savannah! every1: OOOoooo...savannah kairi: savannah, just choose the one you love the most! savannah: um...uh....i have no idea...i still think i love roxas more but, dark riku is just so handsome and more stronger......but roxas...hes more nicer and smarter!!! ahhhh!!! man think!!!! dark riku: shes sweating hurry think of something roxas: Savannah!! do you love me!! I DO!! every1: huh! who said that! namine: I DID! roxas..what are you doing, i thought i was your only love!! savannah: WTF!! who the heck is this roxas: uh...i... savannah: so you've been cheating on me!!! how dare you!!! yea well this is what you get!! I DON'T LOVE YOU! dark riku: i knew it, right from the start! *savannah and dark riku hugs* roxas: aw..man naime: roxas!!! answer me! what have you been doing this whole time! hayner: awww...god i'm so getting tired of all this drama!! hmm..i wonder if theres gonna be a big fight raine: holy crap, everybodys been cheating on each other lately, should i fixed this or not?! yunnie: man, i came here to see a wedding and this is what happens, what a waste of my time. Raine: uhh what to do... Yunnie: I suggest you do something here >> Raine: I dont know!!! Raine: let me try this then *claps* ~at cruise ship~ Raine: hunny moon time every1:what!!??! Raine: yep you guys get a hunny moon for: Riku(dark)xSavannah NaminexRoxas HaynerxOlette Riku(good)xKairi RainexSora YunnieXPence every1:WHAT!@!??! Raine:-.-" consider it a present to the Bride(s) and Groom(s) every1: UH WAT!?!?! Raine: yay? Sora: why raine!??! Raine: cuz I made it that way! Problems anyone :scream: every1: *scared to say yes* Raine: good now enjoy!!! yunnie: wow shes a tough one! savannah: and yet very intelligent kairi: uh where she go raine: ^^ right here and thx! yunnie/savannah/kairi: *gulp* ahhaha..your welcome! sora: *all stressed out* ugh!..where are we sailing to? raine: hm..why you asked, we're just gonna be in the middle of the ocean and looking at the views >< while all the couples are together! why you asked?! sora: *barfs* i get sea sick raine: yuk! nasty sora: its not my fault yunnie/pence: but we're not couples raine: oh c'mon your blushing yunnie: WTF?!?! pence: O_0 shes got her angry face yunnie: shut up?! i'm just gonna chat with olette! olette: huh?! OH yes please!! hayner: whew! i'm saved here pence: watever namine: *ahem* roxas! roxas: huh?! wat!! oh...uh...i namine: answer me! roxas: well uh i... uh haha.. namine: now or i'll mess with your memories raine: >< oh hehe good one namine! roxas: huh?! wait..we're suppose to be alone here raine: oh sorry ^^; dark riku: oh cheer up savannah savannah: he cheated on me the whole time i met him dark riku: well its over now right? i mean you got me now! savannah: [sigh] yea! *huggles* raine: *peeping* much better sora: *eating food of the table* raine: *wispers* HEY WTF ARE YOU DOING?!?!? THE BOUFETTE DIDN'T EVER START YET!! [NOTE: ok i spelled boufette wrong didn't i ] sora: *mouthful* huh! raine: oh your hopeless, c'mon lets go sora: awww....i want another brownie raine: would you rather follow me or die!!! sora: o-ok gotcha!! raine: *ahem* good, now lets check on *looks at couple list* good riku and kairi! kairi: this is so romantic good riku: yep! raine: ^^ at least someone is enjoying this er..i meant couple! sora: mm...but i like kairi raine: oh yea does she like you sora: uh... raine: thought so sora: aww..man! Raine:honestley Sora...your hopeluss sometimes.. *grabs hands of sora* Sora:*blushes* ~brings sora to a romantic view of sunset~ Sora:wo...wow... Raine: yep and here *hands brownie* Sora:BROWNIE!!! *munchies* Raine: for you ^^ it help with you sea sickness as well Sora: Thanks...she can be nice...sometimes Raine: say something Sora? Sora: No Nothing... :sweat: ~back to savanah and dark riku) Riku:ahh what a sight eh? Savannah: yes very *grabs savannah by shoulder* *savnnah turns completey red* Riku(dark): A presnt from me to you >.< Savannah: oh you shouldnt have *opens* Savannah:eyaa!its a pearl braclet! *hugglze riku* Riku(dark): it no problem ~with pence and yunnie~ yunnie: uhh whaat am I supposd to do with you pence? Pence:I dont know :gonk: yunnie:hmm...want to go inside and play poker? winner get to do whatever the other person says till this trip ends Pence: :shock: deal! dammit ooh wait I sux at cards :scream: ~with kairi and Riku (good)~ *snuggles,snuggles* well leave it as that... Olette/Hayner:OMG ITS A GIANT TIDAL WAVE!!! RUN!!!!!!!!! olette/hayner: EVERY1!!!!!!!!!! A TIDAL WAVE'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! every1: HOOLLLYY CRAAAPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ RAINE HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!! raine: oh man this is a big one, hm..lets see if i can handle it!! *magic glows from her hands* ugh!! its too strong!! every1: AHH!! WE'RE GONNA DIE!! PANIC!!!!! raine: shoot think of something! kairi: riku i just wanna say "I love you" good riku: :( I love you too! savannah: *sobbing* T_T oh this is too sad! yunnie: dammit i was gonna win too oh but that doesn't matter now pence: T_T Good Bye cruel world! roxas: namine i'm sorry!! namine: just answer me!! sora: *screams like a little girl and hugs on to raine* raine: huh?! *blushes* :| wait a second i should be the one hugging! *sora ends up covering raine* sora: What?! what happened... raine: well, i guess we're doomed! sora: T_T yes! I LOVE YOU RAINE!! raine: :) me t- BLIZZARD!!! every1: WHOA! WHO WAS THAT?!?! donald: sora!! how could you forget us!! :D hehe..hi everyone goofy: A-HUCK! every1: WOW!! DONALD, GOOFY YOUR OUR HERO!! raine: grr..i should have done that! oh well i can't be jealous sora: AHH!! *hugs donald and goofy and gives them a big kiss* every1: *joins in and huggles* Donald:dammit if it wasnt for us Raine youd have all died! Raine:I dunno what happend!!! it just seemed to have dispeared of sudden (my powers) Raine: :stare: you dont have anything to do withthis do you two Donald: RAINE WILL WE EVER PUT YOU GUYS IN TROUBLE!?!?! Savannah:just belive them Raine :D Raine: im watching you :stare: Goofy:u can trust us Raine ^^ Raine: :stare: then whats up with that purple tail Goofy! every1: :shock: doanld: guess we have no choice...it is us BARNEY THE DINOUSAUR!!! *doanld jumps of and escapes* Sora:EYAAHH BARNEY@?@?@ *hides behind raine* Yunnie:whats wrong with you sora? SORA:*sniffiles* is my Dad!!! BARNEY IS MEH DAD T_T T_T T_T every1:what1?!!? Barney: and son I give you permission to marry Raine 8) every1:WHAT!?! raine: :shock: uh..no...not thinking that now.. Barney: you must marry her so I CAN HAVE HER POWER!!! every1: BANREY WANTS RAINE'S POWERS?!?! savannah: hey you! if you want raine's powers!! well heh guess what you gotta go through all of us!! 8) kairi: uh how we gonna do that savannah: MY HUSBAND ^^ dark riku: yea sure! heh i love a good fight raine: T_T :whee: I love you guys!! sora: yea i'll help too!! and i'm so not marrying raine yet! raine: yet?! sora: uh... raine: :whee: hehe go SORA!! sora: *whew* :mrgreen: Yea! every1: LETS KICK BUTT TO SAVE RAINE AND HER POWERS!! hayner: YEA THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!! WHOO!!! olette: :whee: kicking'!! yunnie: yea lets go! i'll use the Staff of Angels to protect me and everyone else kairi: yes now its mine turn to do the fighting also *kairi's flower keyblade appears* savannah: time to use some of my awesome ninja skills!! good riku: well! guess i should join in! pence: huh..wat am i gonna do!! guess i'll kick some butt and take pictures roxas: heck yes! *roxas's two keyblades appears* namine: huh?! savannah: don't worry namine, just help protect raine namine: ok raine: hm..i got a little power left i should join in! sora: no! raine you shouldn't if you use your powers my dad can absorb it, so just leave it to us!! :wink: raine: :3nod: ok namine: lets go raine we should step back! savannah: EVERY1 LETS GET RID OF SORA'S DAD NOW OR NEVER barney: GRRR!!! SORA YOU BETRAYER sora: :( I'm sorry daddy!! :scream: NOT!!!!!!!!!!! ~10 mins Later~ Savannah:we got oursleves worked up for that!?!?! Barney: UH... :xp: :xp: Raine: AYYA THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! *hugglze all* every1: No problem ^^ Sora: we luv you Raine ^^ Raine:a nd cuz of that *claps* ~at destiny island beach~ raine: BEACH PARTY!!! every1: YAY!!! ~Raine and Sora sitting on beach~ Sora:um raine..here something for you...in exchage of the brownie... *blushes* Raine: AYYAA THANKS SORA!!! oh wow its Twilight ive been waiting for a copy of this book! Raine: howd you know? Sora: it semmed like you like it actually I snoped around a little but Raine: thansk so much Sora *kisses on cheak* sora turns sooo red! Riku(dark): I wanna talk about sumthing importent Savannah: what is it? Riku: I... savannah: say it!! Pence: hey every1 i got all the pictures i took wanna see em'!! every1: YAY!! *hands out a pic. of sora in kairi costume* kairi: oh this! sora: AAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! WHY DID YOU HAD TO TAKE THAT PICTURE PENCE riku: hehe cuz i asked him to! sora: gahh!! riku riku: yea well i'm not a bone head like you sora: ha! very funny every1: hahaha!! raine: aww..sora, we still love you! RIGHT! ^^ every1: LOL OF COURSE *roxas and namine alone on the other side of the shore* roxas: i'm sorry namine lets start over, i promise i won't cheat on you like that again, it was wrong of me! namine: [sigh] ^^ its ok now! roxas: and the answer to your question?! ^^ yes i love you! namine: :cute: ok! *hugs each other* every1: aww..how cute everything worked out! raine: c'mon guys lets leave them alone for now!! sora: whos up for a game of volleyball!!! every1: YEA!! dark riku: hey savannah, could you come with me for a mounment? savannah: huh..of course! savannah: so what was it you wanted to say to me?! Dark Riku: its just that when I proposed to you I didnt well give you a ring so...with the help of raine I got you tihns ring will you take it? Savannah: OF COUSRE!! *kiss riku* I love you and I will always so of course I will *gives a great smile* Riku goes and gives savannah a huge bear hug Riku(dark): I lvoe you too ^^ Yunnie: heya re you two joining us for a game of volleyball or what! Savannah: shall we? Riku(dark): yes... Raine: uh...ill be keeping score... Sora: why dont you play...? Raine: I sux at sports...yunnie, savannah you should no well im telling the truth! Yunnie/Savannah: :shock: NEVER LET RAINE PLAY ANY SPORT ASIDE FROM BADMINTON OR DODGEBALL1!! Kairi: why dodgeball? Raine: it the only sport im good at cuz I usually the last one standing :sweat: (good relfels for raine) Sora: c'mon she cant be that bad :big: *acidenatlly hits sora with volleyball* Sora: uh... Raine: SORA!?!?!! Sora: oh hi mummy... :heart: Raine: -.-" I look like you mother eh??!?! Raine: THATS IT WERE PLAYING DODGEBALL EVERYONE SORA IS IT!!! Sora: :shock: every1: *evil grin on sora* hehehehe Sora: ahh!! no wait... :gonk: i suck at playing dodgeball! Raine: :| and yet you know how to dodge during fights with ugly heartless and nobodies....ha! nice try.. Sora: T_T but its true...i'm only good in dodging during fights cuz mainly i'm hyper that time! every1: why aren't you hyper now?! Sora: uh cuz i can't fight you guys i guess....er....*stares at raine :oops: * Raine: huh! :| oh c'mon Savannah: well sora!! you gotta survive it!! :big: Yunnie: LETS PLAY!!!! every1: *throws the ball* Sora: :gonk: AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Raine: oh god he does suck!! every1: Sora your so not fun, c'mon dodge!! sora: i told you i suck!!! :gonk: raine: hmm..i got an idea what about for this nice basket of brownies i'm been saving from the honeymoon! every1: whoa!! *stares at brownies* sora: *drools* brownies WAAHHH!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU RAINE!!!!!!!!!!! BRING IT ON GUYS!!!!!!!!!! every1: THATS THE SPIRIT ^^ *throws the ball* sora: *dodges every single one* every1: *throws again at the same time super fast* sora: *dodges again* kairi: huff huff...and he said he sucks..oy! dark riku: hmm..lets see if he can dodge this!! *throws mega fire blasting fast ball* sora: WTF?!?! where he get one of those....wait... brownies :scream: grrr....*dodges* every1: OMG!! Sora!!!!!!!!!! sora: hehe...am i the pro or what raine: um..sora!! your hair!! sora: *looks up* huh....WAHHH!!!!! OMG......HELP!!!!!!!! WATER!!WATER!!WATER!! dark riku: 8) heh..whose the pro now?! sora: *dumps head in the water* raine: eh well you tried your best!! but just to let you know...i'm was gonna share this to everyone even if you had dodge them all!! sora: T_T WHAT!! every1: yay!! brownies, thankies raine raine: oh sora you get an extra one :wink: specially from me sora: :oops: huh...oh...Thankies!! *blushes* raine: ^^ your welcome!! savannah: *whispers to kairi* hey don't you think raine and sora make a good couple? kairi: *whispers back* are you kidding me, a bone head like sora with raine, no way! Yunnie: *whispers* yea but raine has been nice to sora! savannah/kairi: whoa!! ha lol you scared me there! Yunnie: well its true right! kairi: yea your right! savannah: hmm..i think they should get married like me and dark riku!!....oh that goes same for you kairi!! yunnie: yea!! lets get everyone besides sora and raine to help! every1 but raine/sora: what a great plan!! lets get started! savannah: ok every1 hands in!! *hands all in* every1: YEA!! RAINE AND SORA SURPRISE ??????????????? BEGINS!! raine/sora: what? every1: nuthin...the brownies awesome!! AGAIN SOMETHING’S MISSING APOLOGIZES!!! Raine: here me and savannah as well Kairi will check this out k make sure Yunnie doesnt try anything yet... Olette: hey why arnt you eating ice cream.. Raine: me? oh I cant stand Ice cream ^^ every1: (this is true btw I hate ice cream) Kairi/Yunnie: uh shall we go? Raine: yep ^^ ~walk off~ Sora: I cant belive that Sora is with a girl that cant stand I ce Cream@!?!? Sora: hmm sumthing wrong hayner:Raine says she doesnt like ice-cream! Sora: well thats her...I guess.but she can do alot of deserts with ice cream...like ice cream cake...ice cream parfait...he keeps on going Olette: as long Sora's Happy I guess thats good...but ICE CREAM1?@!? ~with raine,kairi, and savannah~ Kairi: oh look there's pence! Savannah: PENCE~ Pence: oh hey... Raine: whats up with you? Pence: nothing k now leave me alone Kairi: spill it do you like Yunnie or not! Pence: I...do... Raine: so why dont you tell her?!?@! Pence: you saw her all over Leon I cant go against him! Savannah: yes you can! Pence: I said I cant are you deaf1@?! Kairi: Pence thats rude apologize! Pence: sorry Savannah but I honestly cant! Raine:yes you can as long you 2 are alive you can tell her whatever you wnat, as long you keep on living dreams can happen k! Savannah: hey what if Yunnie where to die in the next second (hopefully not though) what would you do! if you had a chence to save her what would you do? Pence:id save her...cuz I really do like her but... BOOM!!!!!! Kairi: WHAT HAPPEND!@?!? Raine: I dont know but it looks to be where the others are Pence:YUNNIE!!!! *runs* Raine:EYAAH SORA-KUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Savannah/Kairi: OMG RIKU(s) savannah/kairi/raine/pence: WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!! sora: GET BACK EVERYONE!!!!!! savannah: ahhh!!! what is that!!! Leon: a giant heartless!! kairi: but i thought we got rid of them!! Cloud: nope! it looks like theres still more running around! raine: but how! dark riku: the darkness in their hearts savannah: oh riku! yunnie: how we gonna fight that think its too big!! sora: your right lets leave it to cloud and leon! EVERYONE RUN!!!!!!!! leon: what?!?!@ sora are you crazy its gonna heartless: eehhyyyaaa!!!! *chases every1* cloud: c'mon we gotta stop it! leon: right yunnie: ahhh!!! *trips* heartless: rawr!!!!!!!! pence: YUNNIE LOOK OUT!!!!!!! *covers yunnie* leon: aarrrggg!!! heartless: raawwrrr!! yunnie: ugh! ^^ thx pence! pence: y-your welcome! leon: hurry get out of here, HIDE! yunnie: yes leon pence: uh..ok leon: didn't even made a scratch cloud: then we'll just have to think of something leon: LOOK OUT!! heartless: roooaararrr!!!!! *swings* leon/cloud: oofff!! *falls to the ground* yunnie: leon!! pence: c'mon! every1: HURRY GUYS OVER HERE!!! heartless: ggggrrrr!!! savannah: ahhh!!! its gonna slice those two!! yunnie: what!!!! every1: LEON CLOUD GET UP!!!!!! *swish* every1: whoa whose that!! cloud: ugh! Tifa!! Tifa: i've been looking for you everywhere!! cloud: really..why? tifa: just get up! leon: hey thx tifa: no prob. heartless: eeeeyyaaaa!!!!! *shadows starts forming, more heartless comes out of it* every1: HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Raine: aww crap cmon Sora >.> Sora: what NO! Raine: >.> what did you say? Sora: y-yess Raine ~sora trips~ Heartless: GRR!!!! Raine:*claps* -poof- Raine: that wasn't so hard ^^ Sora: MY HERO *glomps* I LOVE YOU!!!! *hugglze to death* Raine: yes Sora...I love you 2... >.> Tifa: guess I wasn't needed oh hey Savannah been awhile eh? Savannah: ONEE-CHAN HOW ARE YOU!!! *hugglze* every1: ONEE-CHAN!!!! shes your older sister!>!>>! Tifa/Savannah: yep ^^ every1: Dark Riku: and you never told me!?!@? Savannah: and I thought it never mattered to anyone though Yunnie: but its TIFA!!! It's like Saying Leon is Raine's Brother! Raine: oh but he is... every1:WHAT1!?!? Leon:im her older brother... Sora: oh God... Raine: did I fail to mention that...? Yunnie: YES IF I GOT MARRIED TO LEON THEN ID BE YOUR SISTER!?!?1 Leon:what? Yunnie: I mean...I really like you...alot Leon... Leon: uhh... Pence:DAMMIT!!! -runs off- Kairi:Pence!!! Yunnie: is something wrong with him? Raine: if you want to know whats wrong with him go ask him...were in no position to tell you... Sora: tell Yunnie what? Raine:shut up Sora... Leon: we'll wait... Yunnie:but Leon! Leon: im sorry but I dont like u and I never will...please forgive me Yunnie: yea... Savannah: now go find Pence! Yunnie: yes...-runs off to find pence- Riku: now tell us is thera ny other secrect brother and sisters that we should know about? Kairi: well... Riku: uh huh Kairi: i forgot to say...Areith is my older sister...actually Areith: ^^ we're cousins Kairi: yep! >< every1: what?!?! Savannah: wow this is awesome, we're getting to know each other more!! raine: yes!! wow if cloud married areith that be sooo...kawaii!!! areith/cloud: what?!!? savannah: No! your wrong if cloud married Tifa that be kawaii!!!! tifa/cloud: what?!?!@ savannah/raine: grrr... clound: uh you guys..i'm not thinking of marring yet! tifa: i'd prefer leon! cloud: what!?! areith: oh cloud, i like you! leon: what!?! savannah: oh! hmm..somethings going on isn't it raine: aww..your right cloud likes tifa, areith likes cloud and leon likes areith!! savannah/raine: HOWW!!!!!!! CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! >w< ~yunnie and pence~ yunnie: huff huff....pence whats wrong! pence: nuthings wrong just don't bother me!! go back to your little crush! yunnie: WHAT!!?! oh pence, your just jealous of leon aren't you pence: NO I'M NOT!!! i-its just that.... yunnie:.... pence: I REALLY LIKE YOU YUNNIE!!! AND IT MAKES ME SAD TO SEE YOU WITH LEON yunnie: oh pence i don't care now leon doesn't love me at all.....I'm so sorry pence i didn't notice............ will you forgive me pence: *sniffs* of course i will Yunnie: ^^ thx *hugs* pence: yunnie/pence: hey guys wats up *holding hands* every1: hey! AGAIN AND AGAIN I'm SORRY I REALLY AMM1!!! Raine: whats taking the so long??? ohh..I feel dizzy...-faints- Sora:OMFG WTF?!@?! RAINE!!!!!!!!!!!! Namine: OMG RAINE ARE YOU OK!!!?? -non responsive- Sora: OH CRAP OH CRAP!!!! WHAT ARE WE TO DO1@?!? -run's around in circles- Roxas: calm down Sora well bring her to Hollow Bastion for treatment it looks like a fever -puts hand on Raine's head- Roxas: DAMMIT SHE BURNING UP!@?!!! -Sora steals wlakie talkie- Sora: Savannah this is Baka Raine fainted and has a high fever were bring here to Hollow Bastion ok take of everythign..AND QUICK TO!! well try to make it back ASAP Roxas and Namine are coming with Savannah:SORA?!?@ IS THAT YOU AND WHAT1@?!? RAINE COLPASED!@?!? every1: WHAT!@?!? Savannah: oh god what to do what to do1@?!? KYA!!!!!!!! -faints- Dark Riku: SAVANNAH@?!??!@ Sora: I dont care if it spiles anytihng *takes Roxas nad Namine and Raine to where party is* Namine: what??? BoA: uhh...I think we should head to Hollow Bation now cuz both Raine and Savannah are running fevers!@! -at hollow bastion- Leon: oh Welc- Sora: LEON HELP RAINE NOW SHE'S RUNNING A FEVER!?@?! Dark Riku: and so it Savannah Leon: oh my GOD!!! Yuffie come here will ya! Yuffie:yep ^^ Leon: RAINE AND SAVVANNAH ARE RUNNING FEVERS!!! Yuffie:WAT1@!?? Cloud/Tifa: whats going on here??? Sora: -grabs cloud laying down on knees- PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!! HELP RAINE!!!!!!! I LOVE HER!!!! DON'T LET HER DIE!!!!!!!!! Cloud: JEEZ calm down don't worry she won't die!! we'll take care of it Tifa: Areith come help Dark Riku: DON'T FORGET ABOUT SAVANNAH!!! Tifa: aaccckkk!!! Savannah OMG areith hurry!! Areith: Oh dear, come lets bring them in the house, we'll have to treat them! Leon: Geez there foreheads are burning up, WHAT HAPPENED?!! Sora: well...uh...your raine's big bro right? and you know how she always gets really worry and impati Leon: YOU GOT HER WORRIED AND IMPATIENT!!!!! YOU DON'T EVER MAKE RAINE WORRY, SHE'LL BURN UP AND GET REALLY SICK!!!!!! OMG!! HER FACE IS GETTING REDDER, GOT DAMN YOU SORA, NEXT TIME TAKE CARE OF HER OR I'LL..... Sora: .... Leon: [sigh] ok...if you don't take care of her you'll make me do something i really don't wanna do! Got That?! sora: yes sir! ~Merlin's House~ dark riku: are they gonna be ok cloud: don't worry they'll be fine areith: -opens door- Tifa: ^^ Guys there gonna be fine, they just need to rest a bit! every1: phew! sora: namine, we're sorry we messed up your B-Day Party! we were setting up it while me, raine, and roxas were keeping you company, but its ruined now! namine: ^^ oh guys, its alright, i never really wanted a B-Day party! Yunnie: we did all that work namine: i know but i love the hard work you put into it, and Thank YOu, but the only thing that makes me happy is... every1: what?!!! namine: HAVING ALL OF YOU FOR A FRIEND ^^ sora: oh...that did it *sobs* every1: NAMINE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! -everyone hugglez- raine/savannah: wakes up Sora: RAINE!!! Savannah:mm... Riku:Savannah *both hugglze to death* Raine:who...who are you... Sora: huh? Savannah: tell me who are you? Dark Riku: Its me...Riku your husband! Sora: and me you fiancee'!!! Savannah/Raine: we'd remember some like you guys but we dont...sorry Sora/Riku: Leon: its looks like temorary aminesia Merlin: to tell you the truth the heartless stole there hearts... every1:what!?@!? Tifa: Savannah-chan...do you remember me? Savannah: Tifa onee-chan...what are you doing here? Raine: you to leon nii-san what are you doing here and everyone else Roxas, Kairi Namine... what are you doing here is something wrong? Merlin: its looks nice aminesia of the one they love the most...the heartless stole there hearts of the one they love the most! Leon: so that does that mean that Raine and Savannah love them more then there own family Merlin: suppose yes... Leon/Tifa: I guess its all good Sora:what can we do to get the memories back? Merlin: there is one way...find there hearts... Riku: what ever it is well do it I want Savannah to remember me Sora:Raine you will remember me no matter what! Raine/Savannnah in head:who are they I wish we can remember them... Sora/Riku: ok how can we find there hearts Merlin: the exact same thing when you were looking for Riku and the King! Sora: oy! we have to travel to different worlds again! Kairi: cheer up sora! its for your love dark riku: THATS RIGHT!! we can't give up! Yunie: then what are we waiting for lets go!! Merlin: ahem! there is one probelm ever1: WHAT!!! Merlin: only Sora and Dark Riku can go find there hearts, they are the only ones that can see it! Tifa: are you saying there hearts are invisible to us?! Merlin: exactly, only sora and dark riku can see them because they are the ones being forgotten Sora: don't say that word you make us feel left out!! Dark Riku: gah! i know, my heart hurts now! Leon: what word?! Forgottened! Sora/DarkRiku: gaaahhhooohhh....!!! Areith: Leon! Leon: sorry areith Cloud: well if you guys are going to find their hearts back you better hurry! Sora: -takes deep breath- *holds raines hands* i'll be back as soon as possible! Dark Riku: -does the same- Raine/Savannah: ^^ although we don't know who you are we wish you Good Luck the Forgotten Ones! Sora/DarkRiku: wawwahaaahhhh....!!!!! -heart breaks- Tifa/Leon: savannah, raine!! Savannah/Raine: isn't that what you guys alway call them?!! EVERYBODY...but...I can go on and on...but its fan fice time >.< *Raine's favortite anime/manga is tsubasa so ya...* Leon: Raine you should call you fiancee' by his real name! Raine: me have a fiancee you dont know me do you as IF ILL FALL IN LOVE!!! Leon: yes Raine...ya right...... Raine:say somethin nii-chan? Leon:No, anyways his name is Sora not the forgotten one... Tifa:and the other guy's name is Riku ^^ Savannah: Riku... Raine:Sora.... Savannah and Raine colappese.... Tifa: SAVANNAH-CHAN!!!!! Leon:RAINE! Kairi: there not responsive its like they were...ASLEEP! Merlin: as I feared... Namine:what? Merlin: if the part of the heart is not revived and brought back to them soon...they well sleep and sleep...not even brining there hearts back will do any good... every1:what1!??@! Riku(good):its cant be true!!! Aerith: is there anything we can do... Merlin:just wait... ~with Riku and Sora~ Sora: were can there hearts be??? Riku: we have to find them soo. ~buzzes in Yuffie~ Yuffie: you there Sora? Sora: yes...can you give help? Yuffie: no...I need you to get the hearts back as soon as possible if not soon then they will sleep forever Riku:what!!! Sora: dammit! ~With savannah,raine and others~ Roxas: so would they just sleep like that forever Merlin: yes probably, if you can find part of their hearts Namine: part of their hearts, what do you mean? Merlin: when their hearts were stolen, it has been brokened up into thousands of pieces of fragments! every1: WWHHHHAAAATF?!?!@@?!?!!!!! Tifa: oh savannah -faints- Cloud: tifa! -catches her- Leon: man! this is too much, how can Riku and Sora find all of that Merlin: if you find at least one of their heart fragments they might wake up, but only for a short time Yunie: goddammit, is there anyway we could atleast help them?!! Kairi: I KNOW! you said the heartless stole them right?! and we can see them, what if we can help sora and dark riku find the heartless and they can take back the heart fragments they see! Merlin: it might work but how are you gonna find and just ask sora and dark riku to come all the way to you Namine: uh...travel with them! Merlin: just as i thought, if you all travel together you'll be easily spotted by the heartless, therefore you should just let sora and dark riku find it alone! Leon: whats that!! every1: WHAT I DON'T SEE ANYTHING Leon: you don't see it, its shining really bright and its all pink! Merlin: WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE A FRAGMENT?!! Leon: um...Kinda yea i'm not sure Merlin: weird, you see a piece of shining fragment and none of us see it anywhere Roxas: could it be one of the heart fragments?!! Merlin: probably yes hurry Leon grab it and give them to raine/savannah Leon: ok -grabs fragment- um...which one should i give it to?! Merlin: raine, shes your little sister! kairi: ok why is it that Leon can see it? Merlin: hmm..ah oh yes! i forgot since they are blood related he can see it too, but only raines, he won't be able to see savannah's heart fragments! Leon: so tifa would be able to see savannah's heart! Merlin: Namine: why didn't you tell us earlier Merlin: ummm...oh...i guess i'm getting old! Hehe fairy godmother appears- Fairygodmother:Im sorry merlin but your wrong... Yunnie:what?? theres more! Fairygodmother:yes, the pieces have somehow combined to 2 pieces one for there love and for there family, even if they find the family heart piece we still need the love heart piece to wake them up,since Leon found Raine's family piece she would have a bit more time until eternal sleep comapared to Savannah... every1:MERLIN1!!!! Merlin: my bad... Tifa:so Savannah Family piece can only be found by me...and if not... Merlin:yess... -tifa bangs leon head against wall- Tifa:TELL ME WHAT YOU DID TO FIND RAINE'S FAMILY PIECE!!! Leon:I dont...know...I turn...and there it is! Tifa:what does it look like!!! Leon:like a crystal..blue...shape..like a star....maybe Savannah's is diffrent who knows! Tifa:SAVANNAH!I will go find you piece as soon as... -turns and see's Savannah's Family Piece...- Tifa: OMG HERE IT IS!!! *runs to Savannah* Tifa:here you you Savannah-chan... Leon:you were right Savannah's piece was Pink ,crystal, star shaped its alittle diffrent but... Leon:you can relax a bit now... Kairi:we can rest easier.... Merln:now not yet... Roxas:yes but we need to depend on Sora and Riku now... Yunnie:but how come there pieces were so close to them! Fairygodmother:the piece has a natural attraction to the person they are meant for...Like Raine's family piece is near Leon because hes the only the only fmaily Raine's got...same goes for Savannah.. Yunnie:does that mean... every1: -Yuffie pages Sora and Riku- Sora:oh hi Yuff-- Yuffie:STOP THAT SHIP RIGHT NOW!!! Riku:whats wrong!!! Yuffie:There hearts there somewhere near you! Sora/Riku:WHAT1!!@!! Yuffie:Leon and Tifa says its like a crysatal but Raine's was blue and Savannah's Pink...and well START LOOKING!!! Sora: ITS ITS CLOSE TO US OMG, Ok Ok where are you COME OUT HEART!!!! Dark Riku: ok its somewhere near us..um...you said savannah's fragment is pink right?! Yuffie: YES!!!! ~Raine, Savannah and others~ every1: THAT MEANS THEIR FRAGMENTS SHOULD BE RIGHT NEXT TO SORA AND DARK RIKU OMG!!!!!!!!! Tifa: aaahhh -bonks head on wall- WHATS TAKING THEM SOO..LONG!!!!!!!!! Leon: Jeezz calm down!!! you have to have patience! ~Yuffie, Sora, Dark Riku~ Sora: YUFFIE ARE YOU SURE CUZ I DON'T SEE ANYTHING BLUE!! Yuffie: SHUT UP AND LOOK FOR IT!! and yes riku savannah's fragment is pink Dark Riku: aaackckccckk!!!!!!!! I FOUND IT, I'M GONNA SAVE YOU SAVANNAH!!! Yuffie: YOU FOUND IT!! HURRY GET BACK TO MERLIN'S HOUSE AND GIVE IT TO HER PRONTO!!!!!!! Dark Riku: gotcha! Sora: nnnnooo... where are you Yuffie: SORA HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE IT!! Sora: did i mention i'm kinda color blind to the colors blue!! Yuffie: WTF?@!!! HOW!?!! Sora: some lil dumb dude saids its because of my blue eye! Yuffie: HAVE BLUE EYES DON'T MAKE YOU COLOR BLIND TO THE COLOR BLUE BAKA!! Sora: hey thats my secret code name Yuffie: FIND FRAGMENT!!! Sora: ok ok OK!! ~raine, savannah and others~ Dark Riku: GUYS I'M BACK!!! I LOVE YOU SAVANNAH!! -gives fragment- Savannah: whoa, what happened?!! Tifa: savannah-chan!! HOW ARE YOU?!!! ~Yuffie and Sora~ Sora: AAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I FOUND IT I FOUND IT!!!!!!! HAHA I GUESS I'M NOT COLOR BLIND TO BLUE Yuffie: sora how can you not notice when the sky is up there Sora: Funny, i'd never look up the sky Yuffie: GO BACK TO RAINE!!! Sora: what ok -runs- Yuffie: MAN YOUR SLOW!! -grabs sora and teleports with her awesome ninjutsu- ~Raine, Savannah and others~ Sora/Yuffie: WE'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!! Sora: RAINE I MISSED YOU!!! -gives fragment- Raine: whoa!! Leon: raine-chan, ARE YOU OK!!!??!! Tifa:you too Savannah are you ok...??? Raine/Savannah:uh...ya...I guess...who are you anyways -points at Sora and Riku- every1:WHAT1@?!? -Sora's heartbroken- Raine:just kidding *gives kiss to Sora on cheek* Savannah:same here -gives Big hug and kisses Riku* every1:DMAMMIT WHAT HAPPEND!!!??? Raine:I dont know Sora:whaa...never leave me again k Raine... Raine:yes Sora...im fine now so let go... Sora:NUU!!! Raine: SORA!!! Yunnie:you should have seen those 2 Raine and Savannah Savannah:but we did... every1:what1!@?!?! Raine:its was like a dream... I saw you all...I was able to see and tell everyone here and I knew who you were Sora...but when I went to say something something else came out..I wanted to say soemthign to you Sora...but it never came out... Savannah:its as if were being blocked out from seeing you 2 we knew you were 110% but when we said it out loud we... Riku:its ok Savannah... Savannah:yes... Kairi:but how could of all this happend?? Raine was with you and Namine and Roxas and Savannah was with us how could they have there hearts stolen... Raine:uhhhh...my head... Sora:Whats wrong Savannah:out heads they hurt... Riku:calm down Savannah... Roxas:Whats going on here Merlin:it seems there's something else... every1:what??? Merlin: [sighs] every1: WHAT!!! Sora: -panicking- Dark Riku: -sweating- every1: -about to go insane- -Fairygodmother knocks Merlin unconince- every1: Fairymother:exucse him... MiSSING YET ANOTHER PART!!!Sora:ok..ok..tell me who are the princes anyways...??? Fairygodmother:I dont know! every1:WHAT1@?!? Riku:so how do you know this stuff?? Fairygodmother: I just know! there at Traverse Town so go over there to see the 2 princes!!! Riku:so If I were to kiss Savannah, it woulndt work right? Yuffie:afraid not... Sora:k' then to Travervse we go!!! ~at traverse town~ Sora: TELL US WHERE TOHE PRINCES ARE OR THE POCKY GET IT!!! every1: -.-" we dont know him.... RIGHT HERE!!! Riku:where??? DOWN HERE STUPID!!! -see Huey, Dewey, Louie- Yunnie:KYAA YOUR SO DAMN CUTE!!! Pence:uh...Yunnie...-.-" Yunnie:no worries I luve you 2 *hugglze Louie* Kairi:so you guys are the princes...YOUR DONALD'S NEPHEWS!!! Huey:so? every1:WHO CAN YOU 3 SHORT STUFF HELP US!!! Huey/Dewey/Louie:SHORT STUFF WHY YOU !??@! Sora/Riku: *bows down to them* PLEASE HELP US!!! Dewey: sighes...fine... Sora:THANK YOU LIL DUDES *HUGGLZE* Louie: >.> were not shortSora: so, you guys just give them a kiss and they'll be fine?! Huey/Dewey/Louie: YEP!! Dark Riku: WHERE ARE YOU GONNA KISS THEM?! Huey: the lips whatcha think Dark Riku: -hiding his anger- ok..!! Sora: so how does the kiss works?! Dewey: ITS A MAGICAL KISS!! WHAT WAS IT CALLED, AH! YES THE KISS OF MEMORIES!! Louie: WITH THE KISS OF MEMORIES SAVANNAH AND RAINE WILL BE THEMSELVES IN NO TIME!! Sora: -takes deep breath- ok! i'm ready but just remind me not to watch, i cannot believe a duck mouth kissing a human, ok! Huey/Dewey/Louie: WHAT YOU SAY!!!!!!! WHATS THAT SUPPOSE TO MEAN!! Sora: nothing! every1: -giggles- Kairi: well hurry lets go! ~Back in Hollow Bastion~ every1: GUYS WHERE BACK!! Fairygodmother: OH DEAR!! hurry Raine and Savannah has already gone concious, their asleep right now but you better hurry!!!!!!! Sora/Dark Riku: AACCKK!!!!!!!!! RAINE!!!! SAVANNAH!!!!!! Huey/Dewey/Louie: so thats them, oh no they don't look good! ok leave it to us! Fairygodmother: Wait! why are there 3 of you, i thought there was only 2 princes?!!every1:what? Huey/Dewey/Louie: hehehehe Riku:are you trying to kiss my girl when your not even supposed too? *crack knuckes* Sora:yes...what were you intending...*gets ready to punch them out* Leon/Tifa: sighs let us handle this...JUST WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU INTENDING TO DO WITH OUR YOUNGER SISTERS?!??!@! Sora/Riku: -every1 cries in terror of Leon and Tifa's expression - Huey: well... Tifa: dont well us YOUR NOT THE PRINCES AND THATS IT!!! Leon:tell us where the real princes are THIS INSTANT!!! Yunnie: is that me sometimes (since im the oldest) Kairi:Im so happy im an only child... Dewey:Fine...guess that it... -hands poster to Leon and Tifa- Louie:Now dont hurt us! Leon:THANK YOU!!! Tifa:yes thnak you FOR THREATING OUR SISTERS LIVES!!! -Dewey/Huey/Louie run off- Fairygodmother:lets see...ah yes these are the princes... -on the photo theres Pooh Bear and Tigger- Sora:it says if we give you a hug EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT!!! Riku:at least a hug is better then a kiss... Sora:so If I remember Pooh ANd Tigger are in this book correct -points to book- Riku:Grab Raine and I will grab Savannah lets go to find Pooh BEar and Tigger! Leon/Tifa: were coming!!! Yunnie/Kairi: us too well brb k' every1:we safe k!!! every1else:WE WILL THNAK Sora/Riku/Raine/Savannah/Leon/Tifa/Yunnie and Kairi: -jumps in the book- ~in the book~ Sora: ok guys, lets go visit Pooh's house every1: K! Pooh Bear: hmm... Sora: um..Pooh Bear Pooh Bear: humm.. Tigger: HEYA SORA!! Piglet: SORA WE MISSED YOU, Pooh's doing his exercises so don't bother him! Sora: oh really, well i missed you guys too! Here i brought my friends with me because i have a little probelm Pooh Bear: -finished exercises- hm..Oh SORA!!! Sora: hahaha -hugglez- how you been Pooh Pooh Bear: great i missed you alot Sora: yea same here, hey um..Pooh and Tigger i was wondering if you could help us with something Tigger: -bounces- WHAT IS IT I'LL ALWAYS HELP SORA!! Sora/Dark Riku: -shows raine and savannah- Pooh/Tigger: oooO_o they don't look so good, what happened?! Kairi: There memories aren't fully restored yet and we need your help Sora: yea, oh and thats Kairi btw, and thats Dark Riku, Yunnie, Tifa, Leon, Raine, and Savannah! Pooh Bear: oh i see, leave to us! Tigger/Pooh Bear: -hugs raine and savannah- Tifa/Leon: did it work!!! every1: -takes deep breathYOU!!!Raine:mmm...Sora...? Sora:your awake again!!! Raine:is that a bad thing...? Sora:no! its a good thing!!! *hugglze to death I LUV YOU SO MUCH!!!* Raine:ya same here OMFG ITS ROO!!! *hugglze roo* Roo:nice to meetcha! Raine:AWW!!! >.< =D Sora:What about me... Raine:*kisses Sora on Cheek* Sora:ahh...sancuchary...(sp)... Raine:chu...its Roo!!! Riku:Are you ok Savannah? Savannah:yes im fine... Riku:dont do that againk' Savannah:its not my fault.... Riku:its just...you...and..well...WHAA I MISSED CHU!!! Riku starts bawling.. Savannah: a senstive side eh? a little help please... Yunnie:such shockings... Kairi:very... Leon:glad you ba- Tifa:whats that?!?@?! -enters from sky a Sword and Staff- Raine:huh Sora:No your not tkaing Raine away! Raine:baka I dont think itll hurt us -Sword approaches Raine and Staff approches Savannah- Riku:its from King Mickey theres a note saying you need it... Savannah:what for...? were nto fighting or anythign Riku:the note says...not yet your going to fight very soon...this sword is crafted to inhance Raine's abiltys to its full potetnial and yet it has the power to prtect the one's you love...the staff made for Savannah..ables the user to cast countelss of spells and shiled the one importent to you...the wepons grow as you grow..they learn to love as you love... Savannah:COOL I HAVE POWERS NOW!!! Raine:And my powers are increased!!! >.< Riku:at the end of the note it says...you are free to choose what to name you Sword and Staff... Raine:hmm...Oathbreaker...it just seems cool...not that ill break promises but ya...how about you SavannahSavannah:Ill name mine…Sleeping-heart!-Randomally another wepons comes from sky- Leon:huh someone else gets powers?? -weapons stop infromnt of Yunnie- Yunnie:ME!?@!? Riku:theres another note...it reads..my bad sorry I forgot about you Yunnie...Queen Minnie wanted me to taste her latest Chocalte pie and I couldnt resist! every1:That b**** gets pie and we dont!!! Sora:Whhaa pie... Raine: -.-" -SUMMONS CHCLATE PIE FOR EVERYONE...shut up and enjoy it everyone continue Riku... Riku: so as I said...this is a pair of Bow and Arrows for you Yunnie...the Arrows are in a infinfte supply and just like Savannah's wepon and Raine's it grows beacuse of your Heart...sent to guard most loved ones...again its your choice to name the weapon...ENJOY...will I enjoy my pie...ahh pie... Yunnie:Hmm bows and Arrows eh? Ill name it Destiny...Kyaa I got powers too!!!! Kairi/Namine:NO FAIR! Riku: oh yes attached is some healing potions..take soem of this you 2 and only you 2 will have the powers to heal anyone...any of you guys take it...prepared to be eating your pies through a straw... -Kairi/Namine takes a sip of potion...- Kairi:w-wow...! Raine?:this si great and all...BUT WHOA RE WE SUPPOSED TO FIGHT?? Sora:who knows...but lookie I GOT MY KEYBLADE BACK!!! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!! Roxas/Riku:And we got our weapons back 2!!!Kairi: wait a sec. -helds hand in front of her- *keyblade appears* ^^ heres my keyblade from Riku. Sora: awesome!! Areith: This is great! Your bonds are all strong now, remember not to break that bond, theres always a fragile tie but when you all become stronger the tie will also become stronger, just like Kairi, she holds the ties of the keyholes and keyblades! Kairi: i do?! Cloud: yea, your one of the seven princesses every1: Raine: so now we got all these weapons, what are we to do with them? Leon: what does your hearts tell you Raine: ...... Savannah: protect it? Leon: correct Raine: -whispers- how you know Savannah: i don't know, its from my instincts!Note:THANKS! and well I never knew that about Kairi...wow! and after this battle lets end it and start agian...same charcaters of course ^^ and Pairings... Raine:what great instincts...now nii-CHAN... Leon: when did I become Nii-CHAN!@?!? YOUR PICKING A FIGHT WITH ME ARNT YOU!@?!? Raine:hehehehe you didnt seem like a nii-san anymore or a nii-kun..you seem more like the chan type...now... Leon:w-hat??? Tifa :its true *whispers to Savannah* hes has become less pushy Raine:See what I mean...IVE BECOME MORE TOUGHER THEN YOU!!! Leon: did you see me what I did with Huey, Dewey and Louie??? Raine:uh...no...but do you see that way I boss around Sora...I got him wrapped around me Sora:Its tru you know... Raine:shut-up Baka... Sora:were still using code names? Raine: -.-" anyways GET MORE TOUGHER NII-CHAN!!! Leon:I already am dammit Raine:NO YOUR NOT...!!!! Leon: DAMMIT GET OVER HERE!!!! -chases Raine around- every1:sighs Yunnie:this might take awhile... Kairi:yes It will... Savannah:were we like this...? Tifa:afraid so..but we matured...unfortunatly Leon did not and Raine is somewhat there...like 80.5 there% Riku:yes... Raine:HAHAHA IM FATER THAN YOU...WHAAA!!!! Leon:RAINE WHAT HAPPEND!?@!? Raine:SORA!!! NII-SAN!!! ANYONE HELP ME!!! Leon:OH GOD...WHAT IS THAT...ITS NOT A HEARTLESS!!! Savannah:KYAA!!! Yunnie:OMG!!! WHAAAAAAA!!!! Riku/Pence:WHAT!!@! COME BACK!!!! Riku:Whats going on wheres Savannah going?!?@! SOra:RAINE COEM BACK DAMMIT COME BACK!!! Savnnah/Raine:HELP!@!?!!!! Aerith: could that be the thing that caused Savannah's and Raine memory to dispear!@!? Kairi:most likely! ILL TAKE THE 2 PRINCESESS NOW BYE BYE NOW! -takes them away- every1:what1@?!? Cloud:Raine and Savannah are princess like Kairi?!?@!~Kairi, Raine, and Savannah~ Raine: What happen?! Savannah: AAHHH!!! GET AWAY FROM ME!!!! Kairi: savannah!! Savannah: HUH WHA!! AACKCKK..KAIRI..RAINE WHAT HAPPENED WHERE ARE WE?!! Raine: um...savannah..Kairi saved us!! Savannah: huff huff....huh..oh you did! Hey Thanks!! Kairi: ^^ no Prob. Savannah: WAIT!!!!! RIKU WHERE ARE YOU OMG OMG OMG!! WHERE IS EVERYBODY!!!! Raine: jeez calm down!!...Wait a sec. where is everybody Kairi: uh..i only saved you guys because you are also one of the seven princesses! Raine: AACCCKKK!!!!!!!! SO YOU SAVED US BUT LEFT THE OTHERS!!!!!! SORA!!!! Savannah: RIKU!!!!!!!!!!.....wait did you just say we're one of the seven princesses Kairi: ~the others~ Sora: WHAT HAPPENED WHERES RAINE!!!!!!!! Dark Riku: SAVANNAH!!! HONEY WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!! Leon: guys! what is that!! Tifa: no clue Tiffie: do we have to fight it Sora: wait!! THAT THING LOOKS LIKE A NOBODY!!!!! Roxas: I know what thing is i've fought it before.....that thing is called a Twilight Thorn Yunnie: jeez is GIGANTIC!!! Nobody: RRAAAOOORRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cloud: Tifa stay close! everyone becareful! Areith: easy for you to say! Dark Riku: what does that thing want? Yunnie: its probably after Raine and Savannah but Kairi saved them already! Sora/Dark Riku: WHERE ARE THEY THEN WHY DIDN'T SHE SAVE US?!!?!?!!!!!!! Nobody: RAAAAOOOOWWWWRRRR!!!!!!!! -SWOOSSSHH!!!- Cloud: crap! EVERYONE DUCK!!!!!!!!!!! Sora: hheeeyyyaaa!!! -attacks- Nobody: rawr!! -counters- Sora: oof!! That thing is hecka strong! THUNDER!!!!! every1: huh Nobody: RRAAWWRRR!!!!!! Donald/Goofy: WE GOT YOUR BACK SORA!!!Kairi: im sorry...but it has to be...if were destryed the world is ended! Savannah:BUT WHE THE HELL CAN WE PRINCESS? Raine:dammit I dont want to be a princess Kairi:sorry, but its in your blood..and so is it in your familes soo... Savannah:TIFA ONEE-CHAN1!! Raine:LEON-KU THERE INE DANGER!!! Kairi:yes...and Sora and Riku as well... every1:KYAA!!! [/size][/color]