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Shadows in the heart
the roses fall right off the branch, to hit the earth and die. the silver moon sits behind dark clouds, to hide the tears it crys. in my heart the shadows lie, hidden, hidden, for all time.
Jesus H. Christ
Holy frickin frack. It feels like a century since I last got on this site. Glad I still remembered THIS password. XP I forgot my Facebbok password, my Deviantart password, my Hotmail password. It's been a pain in my ass without my computer, which remembers all my passwords FOR me. X3

I had a poem I wanted to write... unfortunatly I thought it up at dinner time and completely forgot to write it down. DX I'm an idiot.

So I'll say the actual message of it un-fancily. Sorry. Well, it's like this, Meri. I'm... really really happy with you. Whenever I'm sad or scared or lonely, a single message from you cheers me right up. Though, I am a little scared of scaring you off. I don't want to come on too strong, but I'm falling really hard for you. Though, it's more like I'm soaring. I find it surprising that I never noticed how wonderful you were before. You're kind, smart, fun to be around. You make me smile, you make me laugh, hell, you can even put up with my insanity. Thank you, Meri. Thank you for being there. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for letting me love you. I hope we can be together for a long, long time. I love you.


Update on quest
WHoot!!! I got the base clothing, now what I need is the rare items! Please donate cash or items to me! I will love you FOREVER

Gold left to go: 2,206,797 Yikes that's alot. Let's see if we can't shrink that down shall we?

Soooo here's a surprise for any outlawz who may read this. I'm with someone from the outlawz. Betcha can't guess who! Her name rythmes with mine and begins with M... that's right! It's Meri! Whoo hoo! Hiya Meri! Lurffles you!


Night night. =3

~Rick Astly. Wait, that's not my name. O.o

Quest. Help me please?
User Image
Total Value: 2,420,769 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Hidden Ace
Infernal Spirit 2nd Gen
Archangel's Blade
Dark Elf Potion (grey) <---Have it
Fall of the Morning Star
Fall of the Morning Star
Black Spacey Body Suit Top <---Have it
Black Goth Boots - M <---Have it
Belted Pants <---Have it

Thank you David for the pants and top!

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO So much has happened lately. How long has it been since I left a journal post? o.o; A while probably. Sooooo update!

I got a job. Temporary employment, but it's a job none the less.

I'm single, I think. o.o; I want to ask her about it, but I'm kind of unsure. I don't want to make things weird between us. and She says she's single. Either way, I'm confused, and I'll sort it out eventually.

What else? Hmmm. Oh! I got into D&D. It's only a monthly game, but I still have fun. oping to find a weekly game going. Tried LARPing. Not really my thing so far. I'll keep you posted if I decide otherwise. o.o;

I'm hoping to get a car soon, but first I need my permit so I can learn how to drive, then my license so I can actually drive. I'll probably use financial aid for it. o.o;

I need a job after the temporary employment thing. So if you live in the Sacramento area, help me out here! I do have to pay rent, you know.

I'll probably be getting food stamps soon, so that's a good thing. Any other news? Nope. Can't think of anything. Oh well. Have a nice day and what not. Bai bai.

~Richard, Lord of The 13 Hells. (If you don't get that reference, read Looking For Group. It's a webcomic.)

OMG! Gay guy!
Name: Kaiten Rainfield
Age: 30
Race: Human
Hair: Pink
Eyes: brown.
Weapons: Whip and magic.
Bio: Kaiten is in truth, a powerful elemental spirit who was born into a human body. This makes him an extremely powerful magic user. He first met Veri as an enemy. Veri had joined a resistance against a powerful tyrant. Kaiten was the head wizard of the malevolent king's forces. They met head to head after Veri cut down his wizards. The two armies stopped fighting, gazing in awe at these two massive powers. The clash went on for two days, with Veri coming out the victor. After the king had fallen, Kaiten followed Veri in secret. His defeat led him to hate the cross breed, but after following him and watching him, he grew to love Veri. He now follows Veri as a subordinate.
Personality: Kaiten is very possesive of Veri. He will oppose anyone who gets to close to him, but follow all of Veri's desires. Kaiten, despite his outside personality, has a kind heart. He tries to help however he can, as long as it doesn't pertain to winning Veri's heart.
Things of interest: Because Kaiten is an elemental spirit, the weather around him changes with his mood. He wears a pink shirt and an enchanted cape.

Le gasp! A girl!
Name: Karen Farsight
Age: 19
Race: Elf
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Weapons: Long sword and buckler, along with magic.
Bio: Karen was just a little girl when her whole family was slaughtered. Veri found her. homeless, weak, and on the verge of starvation. HE took her in, feeding her, making her stronger, and raising her like his own daughter for seven years. Eventually they parted ways. Him travelling, her training with a group of knights. It was difficult for her to integrate with the knights because she was both female and an elf. But she managed after many trials, and became one of their strongest warriors. She learned much of her magic from Veri, but was also trained by the knights' wizard.
Personality: Karen is much like Veri, being practically his daughter after all. She is a bit more head strong though. SHe also tends to break things when she gets aggravated. Furniture, appliances, bones, etc. She's capable of this due to her enormous strength.
Things of interest: She has a burn scar up her left side. She wears a green shirt with the "Red Dragon" outfit, as well as a paldron on her left shoulder with the knights' insignia. She has a crush on Lance.

demonic prince
Community Member
demonic prince
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