What's the use of this you might ask? No use at all I guess, I just like to make lists. sweatdrop

Recieved from awesome Gaians
A lovely teapot from GlitterWitch
A couple of bugs for my bug collection from Ickle Ally
250 gold from FreeGoldGirll
Gray SKA Shoes from Liberius
Lots of bugs and purple & blue daisies from Liberius

Given to awesome Gaians
GlitterWitch: 180 crumpled paper bags for her collection.
G R A P E J U i C E: A Nurse Hat.
Liberius: A pixie from this month's collectable items.
Liberius: A shirt that was on her wishlist.
nibbles1: A Gift Credit of 2000 Gold.
C.O.B.H.C: A Sealed Envloppe from this month.

I've also opened up a shop to sell some of my stuff. I sell my items under the average price in the marketplace. You can visit my shop here.

So far I sold:
A pixie to Radioactive Waffle for 11000 gold.
A Shadow Spirit to ksi x her for 12000 gold.
A pixie to purplehearts for 9975 gold.
Newsprint Stars to Oni Vegeta for 10 gold.
300x White Daisies to Midnight Fairy for 100 gold.
200x Blue Daisies to bubba30 for 75 gold.
A Chicken Mask to ~Miamimi~ for 50 gold.

By selling some of those items I was finally able to buy myself a little cute Gwee on the marketplace. Yay! heart
[edit] And a Fox Tail! biggrin