"I can kick your arse by shaking mine. Who else can claim that?"

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Username Mikaela Loque
Class: Dancer
Role Distraction/Partier
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height and Weight: 5'5" 125 pounds
Background: Lasya was taken off of the streets by a dance instructor who saw her pretty face, and then her potential. Lasya received everything from her instructor, even her name, her old name being a foul word meaning "rat." Her instructor was like a mother to her, and taught her the many paths of khoremancy, or dance magic. Physically grueling and mentally exhausting, the more Lasya learned the more she was eager to learn, she excelled past the other students and her instructor gave her more and more challenges. One day a priest came to Lasya's city and told Lasya's instructor to shut her dance hall down, calling it an abomination. Her instructor refused. One night Lasya was woken up by her instructor to a room filled with smoke. She, her instructors, and her fellow dance students fled and have since then been scattered across the land.
Personality: Lasya's a sweet and relentlessly charming girl who enjoys life's little pleasures: good food, good booze, cute clothes, and dancing. She has absolutely no qualms with buttering people up to get what she wants, and thrives with attention and an audience. She also has no qualms with roundhouse kicking people who mess with her or her friends in the face. Warm, passionate, and a bit of a thrillseeker, Lasya loves adventure almost as much as those she shares it with.
WeaponsDancer's Dagger, Chimes: Ankle chimes and castanets for attack, belt chimes for protection.
Abilities: Contortionist, acrobat, high agility and quick thinking.
Darkness Dance---Inflicts Darkness on enemies while dancing
Dizzying Hips---Inflicts confusion on enemies while dancing.
Extra: When she reaches a high enough level she can also equip a polearm weapon. For polearm dancing, which is like pole dancing, but has the added benefit of being able to stab someone in the neck after the dance is done.

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