You Were Young, You Were Bright, You Were Beautiful
You Were Everything Anyone Could Want From A Child
You Were Not Supposed To Leave This World That Way
You Were Not Supposed To Leave This World That Day

You Would Scribble Down The Lyrics In Your Favourite Song
On Your Notebook In School When Your Days Were Long
And It Meant So Much For Me To Know
That You Meant So Much, You'll Never Know

You're Gone And We All Miss You
Listen To These Songs
You're Alive In Every One
Are You Smiling Down, Are You Still Singing
Were You With Us All Along
Do You Like What We've Become

Did I Meet You In The Crowd At One Of Our Shows
Did I See You In The Faces That All Come And Go
Did I Ever Take The Time To Just Say Thanks
Was I To Caught Up In My Life To Ask You Your Name

The Truth About This Life Is, That We're All In It Together
That's What You Said To Me In All Your Pictures And Your Letters
Somehow I Believe That You Have Made Me Better
In My Heart I Know You're Gonna Live Forever


Are You Smiling Down
Are You Still Singing
Every Day That Passes By, We Celebrate Your Life
Can You Hear Us Now, For You We're Singing
Every Song That's In Our Lives, I Know We'll Never Be Apart