I met the most genuine person on Gaia, so real, so unique, so open. He believes that every person deserves a chance and that trust is earned, not given. I learned so much about myself from Garrett that it's insane. He's totally flipped my world upside down. I didn't smile alot before and I certainly didn't recieve them. Now I understand that it's not about how others view you, it's about how you carry yourself.
I've never met someone so willing to wear their heart on their sleeve, despite getting hurt. The first time I thought I hurt him, I cried. I really cried. And I owe him this, to tell him I'm sorry. That he really has made an impact on my life and that I don't ever want to hurt him again. Because he's the first person to smile at me in along time and I read his poetry every night before I go to bed. Because he's an inspiration. As I write this, it's like figure skating with one leg, it's so hard to find the right words to explain this, because he's a story that is so real, so beautiful that words just can't tell it.