So it's been 2 days since i made a update on redoing my profile.
Not much has changed since all i've been doing is getting my tumblr story in order; my drawings preped for the story; and what my ideas are for that.
Anyway; that'll recap some of the past two days.
Anyway; i've been watching videos on my new youtube account and adding and subscribing. things like that.
Not much i have for friends on this site; since they don't even talk or chat with me, it's expected tho, i mean for starters everyones got a life; and being busy in reality is always something that keeps the fun going.
I myself don't have much for what i do; so i guess i need work done on what my goals are.

Anyway; i'll be posting my tumblr page and my facebook page soon; as for now; i hope you have a wonderful day; and if you'd like to have a drawing from me; i don't charge anyone money for it; it's just for my experiance on new ideas.

:3 have a good day!