i just got back from my first official interview !

i think i did well and i am hoping i get this job !!!
even if i don't i am so proud of myself for putting myself out there and searching for work

and doing so well with my anxiety today !
i also signed up for the sat !!! and studying ... although i could be doing a better job with that one sweatdrop

we have been living at the new house for almost a full week now and oliver has been gone for three days... i am so worried about him but i can't help but be hopeful that he will come home

i'm so proud that despite all the things i have gone through my hope is always alive in all aspects of life

i am doing my best to spread positivity and expel negative energies from my life
all it does is make me upset and hinder my growth and i am done with being self destructive

i deserve to feel good ! i am a great person and i am proud of it ! screw being humble, i know who i am and what i have done and i couldn't be prouder of the person i am becoming each and every day