Day : Saturday
Date : July 14, 2018
Time : 11:32 PM

It's almost tomorrow. I'm not too tired. But tomorrow I have to start SAT preparation which sucks. I have to take like 3 practice tests per week and I am NOT ready for this. I'm gonna try to keep up all night to stop tomorrow from starting. Maybe I can secretly throw away all the practice books sweatdrop I don't know how well that would go.

You know this game is expensive. I can barely buy 1 good item that I want for $5 man. I'm not old enough to work a summer job so I can't get money too easily. I have things around the house to do for money, and it's not like many people want to buy my art. A) cuz I'm not very good and B) I don't make a lot of digital pieces.

I watched a really good movie today. My mom recommended it and wow I'm gonna write sO much fanfiction about it. It's called Interview With the Vampire and wowowow young Brad Pitt is so handsome. And omg Claudia is a darling I love her so much I can't BELIEVE THAT SHE D- okay no spoilers. sweatdrop Anyway the movie was great and everyone was hot and the storyline was amazing. For an old movie the graphics were also great and the costumes and makeup and fake fire (unless it was real fire? I doubt it) all went together so well.