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A Wandering Dream - Haisyn Fierra I will write about whatever comes to mind...

Haisyn Fierra
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Lab305 Non-Owner Character Profile
I needed somewhere to put the information for my character for the Lab305 B/C shop, and Ravina suggested I put something in the Gaia journals. It's certainly not like I use it for anything else so I'm making an entry for it! I'll post her actual profile information as I finish it.

Here's the basic form I posted in the Lab305 guild, I'll expand it as I think of things.

NAME : Nyhali Archson
GENDER : Female
AGE : 22
OCCUPATION : Museum Assistant in Durem
RACE : Human
LIKES : Earning what she's given, finding her own path, history, cooking, reading, martial arts and weapons training.
DISLIKES : Being handed things just because she's pretty, slackers, family gatherings, being expected to keep up with fashion or pop culture trends.
Full-figured but fit, with a round and slightly heart-shaped face. Thick curly red hair that she keeps long and loosely tied back, lightly tanned skin, and gold-flecked eyes of the blue-hazel spectrum (they range in shades of green/blue/gray). 5'6", about 140lbs. Has a scar on her abdomen from getting a C-section when her son was born. Does not usually wear make-up. While most of her wardrobe is casually elegant for proffesionalism's sake, while out in public she generally wears a security blanket baggy hoodie unless it's glaringly hot outside.

Stubborn as a mule and dedicated to a fault to following the path she's chosen in life. Most of her time is spent at work or in one of many martial arts and weapons classes she takes to both keep in training and improve her skills. Past experience with broken hearts and strained family relations has convinced her that she doesn't really want too much idle time to dwell on the past. What little time for a life Ny has left herself outside of her work and martial training is usually reserved for checking up on her son Josh and the family that adopted him, or on his father's family. She doesn't get along particularly well with her own family and tends to avoid them. In spite of her single-mindedness and her disillusionment with her family, she's still the sort of person who would go out of her way to help a distraught stranger or give a bum five bucks and ask him to at least hit up McDonald's for a burger before the liquor store. There really is a kind heart and a fun-loving girl behind the attitude and the unwillingness to reach out to anyone for anything... she just seems to have forgotten that fact.

She spent approximately the first 3/4 of her life trying to live up to her parents' expectations and the path they decided she was going to follow, in spite of the fact that she had no interest in fulfilling her mother's own defunct dreams of being a beauty queen for her. Her best friend from the age of 10 was a blind boy named Kevin Archson who had never had reason to judge her beyond who she was and became her refuge; when his lukemia took a turn for the worse at 15 she confessed her love for him and all but demanded to be his lover when he admitted he felt the same. They had about a year together after that before he died, and the week after she found out she was pregnant. This ruined her mother's plans, and she had no interest in following her father into the family accounting business. Things at home became progressively more strained and when she realized she would have no support in raising her child she decided to put him up for adoption after he was born, though it broke her heart. She eventually found a path she actually wanted to follow when talking to Kevin's history-professor father about his work, and also in the kendo classes he helped her enroll in. When she was old enough to leave home she had her last name legally changed and hasn't looked back.

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