oh well.
here i am.
i really don't think people actually write in these things- or take them seriously, but oh ******** well.
since this is my first entry, here's an introduction to me, even though nobody even reads these.
well, my name is willow. yes, it says willow on my birth certificate and the fact that people don't believe that confuses me, mainly because it's not an uncommon name. i'm thirteen, you probably won't believe it, though, because for some reason people don't. i write poetry, and i guess it's not that bad. don't let my lack of capitalization confuse you, i do know how the english language n s**t works.
anyways, it's new years eve.
that means in approximately thirty-eight minutes, the calenders we have hanging on our fridges will no longer be accurate.
do people still hang calendars on their fridge?
just me?
i guess i do have some resolutions.
ok, so first one will be to quit smoking.
yes, i was a nicotine addict at 11.
don't lecture me on how bad it is for someone my age or anyone in general because i've already heard it, and i knew before i started. don't ask why i started- i don't ******** know.
i'm gonna stop talking about it because it makes me want a cigarette and i really don't need that right now.
another one would to fix my grades.
nuff said about that one.
i don't have a whole lot just because i personally don't think i'm a bad person. i think i do come off as one.
yeah, i make jokes about horrible things that aren't funny like self harm and the holocaust, but i've had to be taken to the hospital for suicidal tendencies and today i saw a commercial about homeless holocaust survivors and cried.
so i do have a heart.
only thirty minutes left in 2017.
so i guess that means i'm leaving this entry in 2017.
so, erm.. goodbye?