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Temptation's Doorway
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Part 2

Last time:
But got caught up by his stubborn button.
He growled and ended the kiss hastily and glanced down to fix his overly-tight pants. Her face grew even redder as she felt the pants come undone and his flesh, hard, against her.

It wasn't her voice...
He groaned in confusion as the scene around them began io fade into inky darkness.
He looked down and cried out when he saw his 'Jo-rei' fading as well.
"Tito!!" The call was louder.
And suddenly he was on the floor, blinking in the light, as he'd done many times before. "Nani...?"
"TITO!" He suddenly recognized the voice as hid dad's. "Tito! Get UP! Chase has been here for twenty minutes now!"
"Sting-?!" Kit jumpped up only to be met by a hard blow to the head. "Ah- what the-?!"
"Morning sunshine..." Came the cynically cockey voice from over him. "Quite an interesting dream you were having..." He mused in an almost-interested tone.
"Wha-!" Kit stared up at his best friend who's face hovered meer inches from his own. "Gah!" Kit's head fell back with a "thud" at the same moment that Sting's moved closer, a mischivious gleam in his eyes.
"Damn, Sting,"
"Mm?" Sting mused and glanced at the door as it burst noisily open.
"You didn't hit him hard enough!"
She stood in the doorway with her arms crossed across a brown block of a plushie. She held an air of superiority as she mumbled to the plush, "...right, Domo-kun?"
She carefully stepped into the room, treading as if a bomb were placed on the soles of her black boots. Once in the room, she stopped and jutted her hip slightly as she eyed the guys with distaste as her forest green cloak flowed around her feet.
"Oh! Tito! Some girl says she's from Texas is here too!"
"Naw..." She mumbled casting an icy stare back behind her out the open door way.
"Traci?!" Kit guffawed.
"Ah, Traci.." There was a grin in Sting's voice.
Kit sat up in astonishment, stupidly forgeting Sting's presence for the moment, "If You're here, that must mean Jo--!"



Nyeh, My favorite part so far is comming up in PART 3! >3 Well, as you can read, Sting has been brought into the well as yours truly...With a guest appearance by... Domo-Kun! =D