I've been wanting to change myself but couldn't find the right reason or the right moment. But after I went for the cupping session, I finally found myself determined to change. The one who did the cupping for me had a special gift in some sort of mind reading, I guess. She reminded me of how I should forget the past as it is dragging me down and how I should focus on the present for a better future. Okay, maybe that was an obvious thing to say but she could really feel that I was still holding onto my past after giving me a very painful head massage. Yup, she knew what I was bothered with by giving me a head massage. Then I thought, it was definitely true as I had been going through a series of depression just thinking about my past and looking at the future that looked so bleak.

Past is past. Now, I'm determined to change myself for a better future. Not just for me, but for my family and everyone who interacts with me.