I would like to show some gratitude to taking the time to visit this website. As you know, We have served as your Sheriff since July one, 2015, and you can find some challenging concerns for your Sheriff’s Workplace. I always strive to do the right thing and also want you to understand my teammates have never wavered in their outstanding public safety in addition to service to the community or our agency partners. I share this particular knowing individual ex - employees’ actions do not speak for the hard work and ethics of an entire agency. We feel in being aggressive to maintain a popular community and performing our part to aid inmates in turning out to be productive citizens.

We certainly have worked through the obstacles, with more changes to arrive, and I look forward to carrying on with our partnerships and supporting my teammates. At a young age, My partner and i learned to coach and lead for your success of organizations.

As a college student at Oregon State University or college, I was active inside student leadership organizations my last two years of college serving within the Oregon State University Student Foundation Board of Directors as Vice chairman and the Inter-Fraternity Council as the Executive Vice chairman.

These experiences, as well as leadership positions in the Sheriff’s Office given that 1999, taught me personally the most effective way to lead a financial institution is to do so by simply example. It is connected with absolute importance to support my teammates along with empower them to perform, so we deliver exceptional public safety and also service to our group. It is through the great work of the teammates and our own strong community close ties that keep our company strong and resistant.

I understand there have been obstacles, but I hope the simple truth is my actions as the Sheriff show if we make a mistake below call ourselves in it, and correct it. No later than this also seek to ensure, as I have done in the past, only those who stick to our mission and prices will continue to work with us at your Sheriff’s Office.

We are in the customer service small business, and I take that very seriously as I was proud to assist our community. I will continue to do the right thing and look in Worcester county jail inmate search to ensure we keep the strong company we are. Mistakes will be made, but they will likely be corrected for the better.

Our continued contact with town through volunteering on nonprofit boards, in addition to youth sports businesses, keeps me in contact with the citizens I actually serve. I also experience Paris Arrests spent on support and making a constructive difference.

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