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It's been ages and I couldn't sleep. I missed lurking on Gaia's forums so I decided to go back. I'm surprised to see this site is still up after all these years.

I missed being part of a small community wherein I knew and interacted with the members. I miss talking to complete strangers about anything and everything and not being judged for who I am.

I miss the days when I was younger and more creative. Back in the day I would wake up and would be itching to create my own world by writing. I used to be so inspired to write and write and write. But now, that creativity has left me. No new ideas on stories. No desire to pick up a pen. No spark when I see a prompt. Just emptiness. I was happy for a while but now I've lost all motivation that I used to have. Just getting by with no hopes nor dreams. Not even a job to keep me going. I just don't know anymore.