Hey, I want to pay you a compliment. You're reading an article about bad pick up lines, and that shows me you're an intelligent guy. Why? Well most guys are focusing all their time on learning what to do, so much that they miss there's a whole bunch of things to avoid.

In picking up women, like in most other areas of life, it pays to be skeptical, and when it comes to pick up lines you really need to be skeptical. So let me show you and teach you what bad pick up lines are, and how to recognize them.

1) Any line that's too direct, without being genuine

Any line where you're showing super sexual interest from the very first words, but its not genuine, will come across as cheesy or creepy. For example "Wow, you're so beautiful, I want to frame you on my wall and brag to my friends!".

Its an obvious example, and you know its cheesy. But why is it cheesy? Is it because of the "beautiful part?". Well it could be, but but most likely its the "frame your picture on my personaldependent escort wall" part. Do you genuinely want to frame a picture of a random woman on your wall? Of course not. Its just cheesy.

I've approached and got to know many women by walking up to them and saying "You are beautiful and would love to meet you". But I genuinely thought that. I wasn't just saying it. There really was a special "glow" about them that made them stand out.

2) Any line that's too indirect, when you actually are super interested

There's all these pick up gurus online who... Well they teach showing disinterest to women, and walking up to them, pretending you're not interested. That approach works, only if you're genuinely not sexually interested (yet), or if you've practiced faking it for years.

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This includes lines like walking up to a woman you find scorching hot and going "Hey, I want to ask for a female opinion". Unless you're a Hollywood level actor, you'll just come across as sad, because she can read your interest on your face, and you look like you have no balls.

It's much better to genuinely develop a lifestyle to where you're so fulfilled, that you don't "need" women. I mean you still desire them, but you're not a horny wolf ready to swoop down on any hot woman he sees. What happens when you develop this genuine "indifference" to women, is that you can become the super social guy. Its a guy who goes around and just chit-chats and socializes with women everywhere. He genuinely doesn't care which one is interested, because he has a lifestyle with dozens of other women just waiting around the corner. So he's just being social and has the genuine mindset of "I'm just being social, she's cute, if she bites that's cool, and if she doesn't, that's cool too". What happens then, is that you can use indirect lines, and come off as cool. Why? Because you're now actually genuine.

This way when you're waiting in the hall of a cinema, and there's two hot women standing next to you. You can comment something like "So what do you think? Is it gonna be good?", and its going to work! They will totally open up to you, because you are genuine and just being social.