As soon as I saw him, there was electricity. It was like that first shock from a defibrillator. It makes your muscles jump, My heart jumped when our eyes connected. It was probably the first time I had a mutual attraction with someone that good looking. We kept our distance at first, playing games, dancing, drinking foreign soda, and then we finally made our way out to the backyard around the fire pit. We ended up separating from the rest of the group, just to go talk. We went out to the playground in the park close by. We stared up at the stars and talked about movies, music, life, and death. Pretty much everything under the sun. I felt my heart soaring for the first time in a long time. I was so used to feeling numb that being excited about anything was a big accomplishment for me. And he was making me feel so much! I smiled at him and blushed more times than I was comfortable with. He caught me staring more than once. Finally, he asked "Can I kiss you?" and when I gave him the go-ahead, I got the kiss that everyone wants. The kind of kiss that makes you go "where are the cameras? This is too perfect to be real life." That was the moment that I started to feel again.