...and I couldn't fall asleep. Meep. >< And now Jake's gonna kill me. Cause he called and told me to go to sleep....and I tried. REALLY HARD. But failed. Epically. FORGIVE MEH!!! -sniffle- Please?


Um, anyway, a LOT has happened since my last journal entry. A LOT. I'll try to remember everything exciting that went on in the past two months...but my memory isn't what is used to be, sadly enough. (Gawd that made me feel old...)

Well, to start off, Jenneke and I went to that Medic Droid concert. Along with our other friend, Vivien. It was quite epic. And tons of fun. We got there pretty early, and were second in line outside of Mojoes Rock Cafe! A lot of crazy, random things happened in that line....since one must amuse themself when standing in a line full of crazy fans in the bloody wind. And I must say, we encountered some very strange people. But it was fun nonetheless.

So AFTER waiting in line, we got in and got spots at the very front of the stage! Right against the barricade. There were a handful of opening bands, but only one truely stood out. The White Tie Affair. They were...SO MUCH FUN. Especially Chris, the lead singer. But the guitarist, Sean, was a tad on the creepy side. Since he kept molesting me and Vivien's heads. He was rather fond of Vivien's bushy, brown curls... XDD

But yeah. Then, of course, The Medic Droid was awesome. Although they only played, like, 5 songs. But it was entertaining, watching Chris Donathon curl up on the floor. We concluded that it was the only thing that wouldn't molest him, and thusly, it became his best friend that night.

So after the show was over, we went and got merch and all that good stuff. Then we hung out with White-Tie-Affair-Chris and actually got to talk to him for a good amount of time. He even told us where he got his outfit that he was wearing, so next time we go to see one of their shows, Vivien, Jenneke, and I are going to wear that same outfit...and surprise him. XP

Alright, what else....oh! ACen 2008. My friends and I went. It was a helluva good time. I cosplayed as Tifa Lockhart, and the rest of my friends cosplayed as other FFVII characters. So, basically, we were this huge-walking-photoshoot-type-of-deal. We got a lot of pictures taken of us. Like I said, lots of fun. We met a bunch of AWESOME people. Seriously. They were epic.

Like....bondage Cloud. XD And...this one dude who had these three signs that said, "I'm Adorable." "I'm Huggable." "...especially naked."

He was sooooo cool! XDD Fer sure our favorite dude that we met. We got epic hugs from him. And killer group hugs. He was quite the happy camper, if I do say so myself. Ah, I love the people at ACen. They make my year.

Let's see...then there was the rave that ACen hosted. That was a blast. While my friend Francesca and I went to go take a water break, some dude randomly popped up infront of me (seriously, IN MY FACE) and asked me to dance. Quite honestly, I was caught off guard. But I agreed anyway, and dragged Francesca along with me.

-chews on gummy bears-

And now here I sit. On summer vacation. Enjoying a project-free lifestyle. I also managed to hang out with some of my friends these past three days. Pretty cool. They kept me distracted, lolz. Sarah and I went to the movies yesterday and watched "Speed Racer." It was actually a pretty cool movie. Very colorful. And seizure-worthy. We decided that the official word for that movie was "trippin'." Since you felt like you were on LSD or something while watching it. XD

Then today, Jenneke and Sarah popped over at my house and we had fun. Played some Rock Band. All that jazz. Ate organic mac&cheese. At least they did anyway. I had myself a ham sandwich. o.O

Hah, well I'm sure you've had all you can take for one day. So...I'll leave it at that for now.

-still not sleepy-

Hmmm....am I broken? I think so. Darn insomnia...


<3 Monica