Answers to usual questions I get asked, updates included


Age you appear: 18 (people never believe me when I say I'm older than 18 )

Hair color: Strawberry blonde.

Hair length and texture: Midway down my shoulder blades, but it starts doing large curls halfway down so it looks shorter. It's silky soft, fluffy, and very fine.

Sizes: DD36/26/36

Height: 5'3.5", and yes that half inch counts and is important.

Do people pick you up: Constantly. My friends treat me like a pet. Though doing my "puppy dog eyes" gets me gum and candy. So it's fine.

Weight: 125lbs.

Complextion: Ivory with freckles.

Eyes: Almond shaped, usually blue or gray with central heterochromia iridium (gold sunburst around pupil, never goes away). Family trait that they change color based on mood. Sky blue=happy, quicksilver grey=furious, A clear but somehow murky green=sad. The changes happen within seconds and are noticeable at distances up to 3ft.

Glasses: Yes. I'm very much blind as a bat due to astigmatism and Keratoconus.

Long lashes: Yes, but they turn blonde halfway out, so it's only noticeable with mascara or in bright sunlight.

Makeup usage: Occasional eye makeup using mascara, eyeshadow, and eyeliner. Occasional clear lip gloss since my lips are a coral color naturally. I don't like not being able to touch my face, so I don't use anything else. It does have to be a specific brand that is gluten free, soy free, and chemical free.

Colors that go with your complexion: burgundy, maroon, black, navy blue, royal blue, teal, coral, red, army green, white, plum, and aqua.

Hobbies: woodworking, painting, drawing, sewing, baking, ceramics, reading, writing, swimming, biking, cooking, coloring, building awesome blanket forts, and going to theme parks, etc.

Favorite ways to exercise: Zumba, Just Dance, yoga, walking, and rock climbing.

Baking specialty: Snickerdoodles. Soft, fluffy, chewy, and with just the right amount of cinnamon. I've actually had people pick me up and try to carry me and the cookies away, or declare their undying love. All joking of course, but you get the point.

Favorite boardgame: Diplomacy. I will wreck and conquer you.

Back dimples: Affirmative.

Favorite Alcoholic drink: Amaretto Sour

First alcoholic drink: Fuzzy navel.

Odd quirks: I only wear my socks inside out, I rearrange my room at 2am while listening to older music, my closet and dresser are organized as a rainbow (ocd), I hate being called babe or baby unless it's by a caregiver type Dominant, my nose twitches like a bunny when something catches me off guard, I only eat raw vegetables with only two exceptions.

Cosplay: Every chance I get.

Do you have a collar: used to.

Headphones or earbuds: Over the ear headphones, but not the giant headset kind. Looking to get a cat ear headset.

Nail polish: Can't stand it, but trying to get used to it.

What breed of cat would you be: A rag doll cat.

What nicknames have you had: koinu, koi-chan, sheep, lamb chop, mama goat, kitten, Kay, Kit, rooster, bright eyes, pet, little one, babygirl, precious.

Are you strong: Noooope.

Have you broken any bones: My ankle....rollerskating. >_>;

Do you sing: When I'm alone, hell yes. In front of others, depends.

Introvert or extrovert: Depends on the situation. I'm naturally an introvert and will never start a conversation with someone new if I don't have back up that knows the person. My work persona is outgoing, chipper, and sassy. Over the years I've tried blending the two, so an interesting mix of reactions have been the result.

Meyer-briggs: INFJ-T

Degree: Psychology

Have you ever dyed your hair: I put red highlights in once and those strands of hair became very rough feeling, so I grew them out and haven't since, not even to hide that my roots are growing in white already.

Current job: freelance editing.

Favorite food: I have multiple. Spaghetti (gf), Filet mignon at medium well, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting with chocolate chips fresh from the oven with vanilla ice cream (all gf, dairy free, soy free of course). Homemade boneless buffalo chicken wings and white rice cooked with olive oil (gf coating), bacon jerky, bacon in general, bacon wrapped pheasant, grilled lemon pepper shrimp, and crab legs. I am capable of cooking all of these.

Are you good at sports: I didn't make a basket from age 6 to age 12, and didn't hit a baseball until 18. My gym teachers constantly worried about me because i often got injured. TLDR; no.

How good is your aim: neither good or bad. Just weird. If anything moves within my line of sight while I'm staring directly at my target, I end up hitting whatever is moving without ever looking away from my original target. However if i'm defending a friend, I can hit a return serve in tennis straight into your stomach without thinking.

Favorite holiday: Halloween.

Preferred clothing style: Well fitting and subtly sexy clothing or baggy and comfy clothes.

Favorite type of movie: Horror, haunting style. But not found footage style, that hurts my eyes. I like things like the conjuring or insidious. Conjuring 2 actually had me screaming curses at the jumpy parts the first time I saw it.

What is gf: Gluten free. I have celiac, so everything I eat has to be gluten free with no cross contamination.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings: No. I'm allergic to all metal except titanium, and it's too much effort to ensure that everything being used on me is only of that material.

Are you flexible: Decently so, but it increases when my muscles are relaxed.

Do you know how to fight: Kind of. I know enough aikido and tae kwon do to get me out of a situation or immobilize my opponent if they have a knife or gun pointed at me. Other than that, I use my size and agility to my advantage and can squirm my way out of most grips.

Pottermore: Hufflepuff, wildcat, 9 3/4" cherry wood with dragon heartstring and brittle, wampus.

Do you play games: I do love boundless and minecraft, and once I save up enough to replace my old Windows Vista laptop and get a headset, i'm going to stream those two and will be dragged through streaming fortnight on the ps4 by my younger brother. I have horrible aim on shooters, so my failures will be hilarious.

Are you sub/dom/switch: submissive, but I have my sassy days as I am a brat. I can be very affectionate though.