I love a good roleplay. I always like it when they send well made starters, and tend to not answer if it looks like we're planning something. I need to know what you want. I also ask for age. I have heard stories in my time in Gaia of people just getting in trouble for simple talk with minors. I don't PM with minors.

I tend to roleplay my OC's in the Gaia world. All of my characters have places they live and work.

Devak: A potions maker living in the 4th floor of an apartment facing the ocean in Gambino Isle.

Iarshek: She's a trader and adventurer, also an airship captain, living on the outsides of Gambino.

Samatha: Call girl living in a one bedroom apartment in Aekea.

Brenda and Carshena: Slaves. Carshena is owned by Gold Mountain in the Isle of Gambino. Brenda for now is a baker in Barton Town, still not owned.

Sashee: Is a hunter living in the Otami Ruins.

Zina: Trader for the west part of Gaia, living in a condo in Durem.