So moving outfit joural to my computer. also I had a great dream.

Dream; I was a badass girl(outfit in log) and I was thuggish. Setting was sme sort of underground/underwater city that was modern and had plenty of police. There was a law against waffles. i took a waffle from someone i passed by and I ate part of it as I kept passing without a word,thengaveit to someone admiringhow bad ass i seemedand they got arrested as cops went around the corner.

also i went by a set for a movie, a male teen star was being a douche too his costar, nd when I told hiim that was not nice he got rude to me, so I decided to fight him, he got in a stance, and I just took him down with a swift kick, a belt to his leg to trip him with my kick and belt pulling his foot, and held him ovver teh edge of teh stairway asking if he wanted to benicenow. he gave me no further trouble

at some fight(lots of cops there) was approached by some cyborg who was sort of lke greivous from star wars. I proceeded up to open his rib cage armour exposing his lungs, and instead of killinghim i got him to panick and because nothing was stopping his luungs from expandinghe popped his own luungs from panicking.

I felt awesome.