This is the first year I have entered the National Novel Writing Month competition. I say competition but there are no prizes for the "winners". The goal is to write 50,000 words in one month, and so far I think I have been doing well.

So here's a little exerpt from my Novel if anyone is interested in reading it;

A sound, soothing, penetrated the darkness that had held his mind for what seemed like an eternity. From somewhere in the darkness a smell floated past his nose and made him flinch. It was sharp, yet somehow familiar. Opening his eyes he quickly closed them again as the sun’s rays pierced through the veil of sleep. Blinking he turned his head and rubbed at his eyes. For a moment the world was filled with blinding light. But as his eyes began to adjust he realized that the light was coming from below him, not above. Sitting up his emerald colored eyes widened in surprise at the sight laid out before him. The ocean.
A vast rolling expanse of water sprawled in every direction he turned to look. Clear blue-green in color it was one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen. For a time he only stood there, awed by the powerful emotions racing through his veins. A sense of excitement and familiarity made the hairs on the back of his neck raise and his skin prickle with energy. Shivering he crossed his arms for a moment to calm himself and looked down. That was when he realized he was standing on air. Fear swept through him and he began to shake. Never in his life had he seen the ocean before, and never in his life had he learnt to properly swim.
If whatever was keeping him aloft decided to suddenly give; he would most certainly drown. With a mouth that felt it was full of dry salt, and his heart beating a mile a minute, he waited for the inevitable sound of something snapping that would mean his end. But none came. After a while he was able to calm himself enough to shift his feet and test the area about him. No matter where he placed his foot there was always something solid beneath him. With a sigh of relief he reached down to see if he could feel what he was standing on. Leaning a little too forward his hand passed his feet and landed in the luke-warm water. In surprise he pulled back and glanced between his hand and the water.
After a short time he leaned forward to place his hand in the water again. Becoming more brave he began splashing it about in wonder. So many emotions came to him as he watched the lights play upon the water that he didn’t hear it at first. A voice, quietly calling him. As it began to get louder, as if the peson where coming closer, he stood and looked around. The sound was coming from nowhere.
“cap...n” Frowning the young man tried to answer. But even though he opened his mouth to speak; no sound emerged.
“cap...ain” The voice was becoming clearer and ever closer. It was one he recognized, like something out of a dream. However he couldn’t seem to place it no matte how hard he tried to listen.
“captain...” Listening to the word he realized it was not his name; it was a title. That voice on the wind was not calling for him, it was calling for someone else.

That's all for now.