Well I kinda have this crush that no one knows about megan if your reading im still never going to tell you biggrin . But hes a nice guy he's really nice makes me laugh and kinda of a classes clown of some sort i can bother him he wouldnt complain and when i talk to him after that he runs to his bestfriend andd satrts blabbing about what? i really don't know. I like to talk to him but not to much sweatdrop .

i remeber one of his friends said he wanted to ask me out i said no cuz i tought he was joking but he wasn't gonk . well thats all i have for now ima up date at 5:30
heart okay um were was i oh and i know if i tell my bestis friends they will still be like umm ewww and just don't get it yea thts it ninja .