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My Stories Online
I like to read, write, listen to music, stay on the computer, and hang with friends. I'll probably write some stories on my blog but I would like to know what you think
Kinda just went on a Gaia shopping spree.. Starting my assignment soon..

What is " Attach Signature"? Let me try...


Book Fair
I'm going to get a whole bunch of books from the book fair!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!

I love my crush! He is so nice!

ILA and Pe-Algebra
Got and ILA assignment sad
I almost got caught with my phone in Pre-Algebra. My math teacher saw it light up and he thought I had it but I said no! It was a close call :O

Today was fun. I enjoyed myself and I hope I will also tomorrow. I'm working on not being weird because I am... So yea help is definitely needed!

I hate it when people copy me. My friend copied my book and now I'm mad

What should I do for college? It's killing me! I like to read but I'm not so good at writing unless I'm having ideas from somewhere else. I'm very talented. Music wise. And sports. I play violin, piano, I want to learn clarinet, and I sing. I'm also starting gymnastics soon. Maybe. And I did play basketball but I gave up on that. I used to like to fashion design and I have a lot of stuff so I might work on getting back into that. That's all I can think of when it comes to what I like... Message me or comment what you think I should do. Bye!

Title needed!
I might name my story Love story which is my first chapter name... Comment or message me other titles if you think of some!

So I have put up 3 chapters to my story and I ask that you read them and tell me what you think. Either comment or message me. Tell me if you think I should continue with my story

Chapter 3
Chapter 3: School

While Jada was walking from her 3rd to 4th period she told her best friend Ciara about her dream. Suddenly a really cute boy walked past.
"OHHH! He cute!" said Jada.
"Girl you a trip. How you gonna say a boy cute when you telling me your dream about your crush?" asked Ciara. Honestly, Jada didn't know. But then someone whispered in her ear, close to her neck. Jada knew who it was right away. Mason.
"Mmmm who's your crush.. I kinda think I know. But that's something I'll save for our walk home," said Mason. Jada blushed. Badly. Once Mason walked away Ciara started giggling.
"Was that him? You turned red like a apple!" said Ciara
"Yea, now shut up before someone hears you!" said Jada a little to loud.
"Okay but you better tell me what happens on your walk home,"
"I'm not sure I should but.. Okay,"

After school Jada was very giddy and she couldn't help it. She wanted to have that talk with Mason and she loved the way he whispered in her ear. She could still feel his breath on her neck.

Mason and Jada talked as they walked. Mason was right. He was her crush. She wondered how he knew. And when she asked he said he heard. Jada was a little freaked out because he must of had super-hearing.
"I heard you say that boy was cute," said Mason. Jada stopped walking and thought. Mason waited. Then she started to walk again.
"Jada. I want you to know I like you," continued Mason.
"I like you too!" said Jada.
"Then please don't break my heart by saying other boys are cute,". He stopped walking and so did she. Jada was looking at the sidewalk but Mason put his finger to her chin and pulled her gaze to his. He leaned in and kissed her. Jada was overwhelmed and her heart started to beat like crazy.
"Calm down. Don't over excite yourself. Even though there are more kisses to come," said Mason. Then Mason crossed the street. Jada was so happy and she was smiling from ear to ear. When she walked inside the house she fell on her knees and screamed. It's just what felt right!

Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Dream

"I'm going to miss you when I leave for summer camp. You know that right?" asked Mason. Jada didn't know. But now she was glad she knew. Jada didn't know how to answer to that so she just nodded. Mason and her were walking down a trail and it was silent for a while.
"You know I want you right? To be my girl. Did you know?" asked Mason. Honestly Jada didn't know and she felt good now that she knew these things but she wanted to stop playing 20 questions and have a real conversation. They kept walking for a while.
"You look so beautiful," said Mason.
"Thank you," replied Jada. Jada started to drift and think about making out with Mason and soon that happened. Jada realized she was in control of her dreams and she was proud.

6:00 in the morning her alarm went off. As Jada rose from her bed, she smiled. She was happy about her dream from last night. But there was no time to think about it, Jada had to get ready to leave for school.

Chapter 1
I don't have a name for this yet but comment one if you enjoy. Names are made up

Chapter 1: Love Story
Jada was walking home from school when Mason came up to her.
"Hey," said Mason.
"Oh. Hi!" replied Jada startled and surprised. Jada's heart started to beat fast and was glad that Mason couldn't hear it.
"You okay?" asked Mason. Jada could see the concern in his eyes but she wanted to know why would he think something was wrong.
"Nothing. Why?" asked Jada.
"No reason,". Jada and Mason walked home together. Mason and Jada lived right across the street from each other so it was nice. School was almost over and that was sad for Jada because she wanted to be able to see Mason everyday. Mason always went off to a summer camp and Jada just wanted to find it and come along with him! Jada had to go home, do her homework, then get ready for counseling. Yea, yea she took counseling but her mom just thought something was wrong and that Jada should talk to someone. Of course Jada's mom wanted to talk but she was always busy. Mom was always there for moral support when needed. Weather it was over the phone or face-to-face. Jada loved her mom and her dad and her two sisters. One sister was off at college and only came back during breaks.

"Hey sweetie. You ready to go?" asked dad when he got home. Jada finished up her last math problem and closed her book.
"Yea. Let me put on my shoes. But look... I got my progress report. Straight A's!"
"Congrats! I've got to tell your mom about this!"
"Yea she would be so proud of me!". It was Jada's first time getting straight A's and she was sad that this was only a progress report and she had to finish off the quarter.

When Jada arrived at counseling she sat in the purple chair. The one she always sat in. Jada's mind was still on Mason and school. When Mrs. Con started to talk Jada quickly snapped back into reality.
"So how's your day been?" asked Mrs. Con.
"Good," said Jada.
"Anything you want to get off your chest?" Jada thought about it. She wanted to tell somebody about what happened with Mason and the whole heart beat thing but it was too weird so she thought she sum it up.
"No. Well not really. Just some weird things going on. Like with hearing,". Jada also saw Mason twitch often then say "Mmmm" but she didn't know what that was supposed to mean.
"And twitching," Jada continued
"Ahhh. I may know what's going on. But I'm going to talk to your parents and ask about you going to a summer camp,"

After counseling Jada laid in bed and thought about what happened today. She didn't understand but when she said her prayers she prayed that she would go to the same camp as Mason.

That same night, Jada had a dream. About... Mason!

So that's the first chapter. Tell me if I should continue on with my story and tell me what you think

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