The crowd cheered for their princess. All were gathered for the party and the arrival of the princes. It was nerve wracking to expect them. They had all been fighting down below and now they were going to be here.... in their safe haven. But it was also exciting. It had been ten years since the war had started, and now... it was over, thanks to the princess.

Flying horses had been sent to retrieve the princes since there weren't many other ways to get up to the air kingdom. The first to arrive was the Earth prince. The carriage tied to the horse was green and brown, gold seeming to grow within the wood itself. The man stepped out of the carriage. He was slim, only a little taller than the princess. His ears were slightly pointed, a mark of his race. His brown hair was shoulder length and bound back in a ponytail at the base of his neck. His golden eyes watchful as he straightened the brown and golden vest over his white shirt. "Prince Elai Sakai from the Earth Kingdom." The announcer called out.

Another carriage arrived, black and silver with red undertones like smoldering coals. The door opened and a tall man with a wider build in his shoulders than Elai and stood nearly a foot taller, stepped out. His hair was long and black. His suit was black, a red shirt under it with his family crest pinned in silver on his left lapel. His eyes were hard and black from a distance, his skin tanned. There were whispers as this man stepped out. Rumors were, it was the fire kingdom that had started all of this warm. They had suffered the most damage at the end of it. "King Kasai Sonsho from the Fire Kingdom." The announcer spoke. His father had died during the war and he had ascended to King in the middle of a war, just barely in his twenties back then.

The two that had arrived avoided one another's eyes. Their kingdoms had fought savagely. The fire kingdom, although the fault of the war had been placed on them, they swore up and down that it had been the Earth King's doing.

The next to arrive was a chariot in white and gold. It was smaller than the other two that had arrived, not encasing the individual to step out. His hair was short and a dark grey color that matched his eyes. He wore a white jacket that came up on his neck, the trim on it a lighter grey laced with gold. His height fell between Kasai and Elai. With Elai and him standing next to one another, they were similar in body build, but Elai was smaller. "Taiyo Odayaka from the Light Kingdom."

The next to arrive was another black carriage, but this seemed to have hints of blue and grey within it. The man who stepped out was pale, his aqua blue eyes were large and seemed shocking on his face. Dressed in silver and black, he seemed nervous as he straightened his back and stood with the other princes who had arrived, being careful not to stand next to Taiyo. "Tamashi Obake from the Darkness Kingdom."

The next prince, and the last, did not arrive by a flying horse. The horse that had been sent for him had arrived the day before without a rider. It was as if he had declined the offer. However, a creature arrived in the sky. A long blue and green dragon, a little larger than a horse itself, landed, people darting out of it's way. The man who jumped off the back of the dragon looked a little windswept. His hair was a very light blue color, his eyes silver. He was dressed in a simple white shirt and blue slacks. He was the only one who had arrived that smiled brightly and waved as his name was called out, "Kaze Shurui from the Water Kingdom."

The four men stood together, each of them looking different than the other. But all facing the staircase where the princess stood. They bowed their heads towards her before straightening. Even how they bowed was different. Kasai simply tipped his head forward slightly, his shoulders strong and proud as they remained firm. Tamashi bowed low, his movements gentle and slow. Taiyo bowed in a perfect form, as if he had been doing it is whole life. Kaze bowed with maybe a little too much flourish in his hands. And Elai went to one knee as he bowed his head before rising once more.