so a week ago i was sitting around doing my thing then i went online and was all like, dude mcm comicons happening next friday!!!?? so cos i dont have an oyster card yet (to lazy to go to the post office) i asked my sister to take me. she was all like "sure but dont u have school flower?" gonk in my head i was all like ^ahhhhhh shittttttt!^("^" is the new thinking thingie for me now xp ) so then on moday i was all sad but on the last lesson the teacher gave us all letters saying that friday was a teacher training then back at home i was all like "i gotz no school on friday where going to comicon!!!!" but then she was all like "meh i donz wanna" then i was all like "but u said you are is taking me to the comicon" then she was all like "convince me" so in retaliation i was like "we can get loads of cool stuff and eat loads of cool food!" but she said that "its not gonna be fun if youre just gonna buy stuff" so i was all like "we can look at all the cool cosplayers who put in effort and the nerds playing yu gi oh and s**t" then she said "we can watch cosplayers and yu gi oh on youtube" so i said "there will be like game developers and famous ppl!!" so she went on the website and saw who all of the ppl who where featuring and was all like "ive never heard of half of these ppl we aint goinz go" so i say "can we go tomorrow?" and she says "if the weathers good" right now the sun is shining and there is a breeze what more do you want!!!???!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!? scream burning_eyes