Everyone has seen them. The people have love something so much they couldn't bare the thought of losing it. The thing is, it's called an obsession. People call them Fandoms.

Now, let me be clear. I don't particularly hate the person.
I just hate the diehard fans.

Now, it may shock you to read this. But, I used to like My Little Pony. I also tried to get into Homestuck... Until I met the crazy fans.

You know what I mean. The ones that live in that fantasy world, thinking that they actually are a pony or some weird horned thing that lives in the internet aNd ApPaReNtLy TaLkS lIkE tHiS. (Ugh. That hurt me to type like that).

Now, go ahead and hate me. I honestly do not care. I have my own preferences just like you have your's. But, guess what. I don't like your precious little kid ponies nor do I like these weird creatures that have terrible language skills and think they are badass.

Perhaps it is the "Cloppers" or Shippers I hate. Does it mean you? Perhaps. I prefer, however, if you keep that away from me. I have tried and tried to tolerate Bronies and Homestuckers. But, sometimes, they take it too far. I mean, who the hell gets off to ponies ******** one another and wants to ******** a pony? Exactly. You see my point?

That doesn't mean, also, all the fandom is like that. I do have close friends that like Homestuck and MLP and they are awesome. They know, however, not to shove it in my face with "ERMERGERD RAINBRU DASHIE ES BEST PONI EBER" and s**t like that.

Oh right. I bet you are thinking "Well, you like Pokémon and I hate that. You like animals, blah blah." Cool. You have your opinions and I have my own. No matter what you say, I will still like Pokémon. And pretty much no matter what I say, you will like what you like. That's all I am saying. I. Don't. Like. MLP. Or. Homestuck.

By the way... To the Homestuckers... Problem Sleuth was better.
And to the My Little Pony fans... Well, Rainbow Dash isn't best poni evur. Mister Ed is best poni ever. (Bet you have no idea who that is.)