so like i say my Journal has *random* stuffs. and at this page it is just some kind of
something I need to practicing on. ( about making profile) well you see, i am only 12 years old and needing to know how to make a beautiful profile for herself
and then make a shop of it and earn money.

1. Scroll Bar~

2. on how to make a profile~

3. Custom section~

4. Hover Section~

5. make your own profile once you know how

well yes you see, *DON'T* you DARE ask me questions about them! why? because i am just a newbie like you! lol
so if there is someone that would love to make me a profile...
make one. because i need one for my profile! T^T
and if you would be so kind enough and teach me...
teach me. and i would try my best to understand every words your saying

so for some people that wanted to find a form on how to understand making profile. it is right up there ^^^^ ; )