its time to shut up
you're killin my head
go sip from your cup
and say that your hopes are dead

you b***h and moan
about s**t that's your fault
I can't help but groan
and throw a little salt

on your wounds
it's just so much fun
making my rounds
with a loaded gun

please go away
I can't take much more
please dont say
anything just walk out the door

if someone asked me
if i would care
if you died they can see
that i wouldnt dare

you've put me through hell
and you ask why I'm a b***h
and yet you cant tell
you're like something i cant itch

I'm not a b***h or any other name
leave me be and go slowly die
why call me out when you're to blame
And no I won't even cry

when you leave
when you have finally died
I will wear my heart on my sleeve
and not try to hide

the fact that towards you all i feel is hate
you created your own fate
don't sit and cry on the date
and please just please
don't try to conversate