Hello and welcome! This is my list of all the Monsieur Loyal items I could find. If you look over it and find something missing or incorrect please send me a message so I can fix it. I'll greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

The Ringmaster Collection

The Pumpkin Ringmaster 8/8
The Ringmaster 6/6
The Alchemist 0/6
The Breezy Ringmaster 0/6
The Cathartic Ringmaster 0/6
The Toxic Ringmaster 0/8
Darkness of the Ringmaster 0/6
Delighted Cutthroat Loyal 7/8
Up The Ringmaster's Alley 0/6
The Calm Ringmaster 3/8
Cotton Candy Ringmaster 0/6
Cutthroat Ringmaster 8/8
The Ringmaster's Forest 0/6
The Crooked Ringmaster 8/8
The Frozen Ringmaster 8/8
The Ringmaster's Sins 0/6
The Dark Ringmaster 6/6
The Somber Ringmaster 6/6
The Neutral Ringmaster 8/8
The Grapeful Ringmaster 0/6
The Zealous Ringmaster 0/8
The Fiery Ringmaster 8/8
Light of the Ringmaster 0/6

The Monsieur Loyal Collection

Golden Loyal's Reprise 6/6
Calm Loyal's Reprise 1/6
Cool Loyal's Reprise 2/6
Monsieur Loyal's Reprise 2/6
Monsieur Loyal's Toxic Reprise 0/6
My Lord's Reprise 0/6
Monsieur Loyal's Wild Reprise 0/6
Calculated Loyal's Reprise 6/6
Monsieur Loyal's Revenge 6/6
Monsieur Loyal's Renewal 6/6
Monsieur Loyal's Release 6/6
Sinful Loyal's Reprise 4/6
Crooked Loyal's Reprise 6/6
Monsieur Loyal's Reprieve 6/6

The Wig Collection

The Ringmaster's Warm Wigs 1/1
The Ringmaster's Light and Fantastical Wigs 1/1
The Ringmaster's Cool Wigs 1/1
The Ringmaster's Dark Wigs 1/1
Ringmaster's Fabulous Locks 1/1

The [Animal] Collection

[Animal] Loyal's Greeting 1/1
[Animal] Furious Cutthroat Ringmaster 8/8
[Animal] Cutthroat Ringmaster 8/8

The Miscellaneous Collection

Ringmaster Spat Clips 1/1
The Ringmaster's Icy Blue Gaze 1/1
Loyalty Pin 1/1
My Crazy Friend 4/4
Loyal's Greeting 1/1

The SDPlus Collection

SDPlus #461 Carnival Loyal 1/1
SDPlus #220 The Ringmaster 1/1
SDPlus #332 ChromatiChaos 1/1