There stands a boy
He stands alone
Filled to the brim of love and of sin
That he must atone

But this boy is odd
This boy is more
You’ll see not one
But you’ll see four

The heart you’ll see
Is a knight of old
In evil’s face
He stands bold

The knight is first
Bust also last
He awaits the future
From days long past

In that boy’s eyes
You will also see
A demon that brings

Those eyes are red
On whom they look
Will be surely dead

The mind is blank
Yet also full
An enigma you’ll find
A bottomless pool

In this one’s right
He holds salvation
Yet in his left
Is man’s damnation

The feelings differ
For there he is she
A shy sweet girl
Is what he be

The girl is quiet
But brilliant too
She possesses judgment
That is always true

So stands the boy
Alone yet not
One true identity
Is all he sought

He wonders aloud:
“Who am I?
As which of the four
Am I to die?”

The heart, the eyes
The feeling, the thought
He walked in peace
But inside fought

I watched him leave
And wish with might
He soon find himself
With luck, make it right

That the struggle end
And he is he
And free of self confliction
Will he be, finally.