Cast Away

I'm currently working on a novel where a woman crash-lands on a deserted tropical island so I decided to re-watch Cast Away for inspiration. Sadly... I mean... aside from getting lots of ideas about how this woman is going to survive... the movie's kind of... dull. Don't get me wrong though! I'll forever treasure Cast Away and it will remain one of my favorite movies, but, since I have seen it several times (though they were a while ago) the movie just doesn't thrill me like it used to. I still feel emotional when Wilson floats off in the ocean. I still feel sad for the main character when his entire civilized life is changed when he returns. But I don't feel the emotions as strongly.

Cast Away will be a movie classic that gets put onto the shelf permanently. One of the movies where I have to own it because it's that amazing but by the end of the day it never seems to be the movie I want to watch.

Maybe someday, years from now, when I'm showing the movie to the children I hope to have I'll be able to re-experience the awe the movie first gave me when I watched it some thirteen years ago. Until then it will go back to it's place on my shelf until that rainy night when I glimpse at it and actually think "hey... I haven't seen that in a while."