She keeps her eyes glued to the ground and they stay set there, like the expression on her face that longs to be happy. She longs to smile and not only to simply paste a lie on her face but to show that she actually means what she shows. She longs to feel like she does things right instead of everything going wrong. She doesnt understand, Where is the Karma? Or maybe it all turned out to be lies also just as everything else. She wears a mask that shows false faith, false hope, and the hapiness that was once there long ago. She does not ask for the riches and the luxery but instead wishes to give it to others but at the same time she longs that maybe someone will care enough to appriciate her and give her a gift. Not something big or expensive but something small and meaningful and full of love or care, something to tell her shes not a screw up. But the things never happen and she continues her journey through winding tunnels of confusion and overthinking. Do they hate her? What do they say? Did they notice what she did for them? Does anyone understand? Is she alone? But she never finds out. She is trapped in a box with only one soul, one that is full of pain and despair and she just cant share it. It is not that no one will listen to her but it is the fear she feels that she will be judged, and no one will understand.