A wonderful user, Sebikaku, wrote this for me.

Night had fallen. She lied beside her love, wide awake. It was another night of soul harvesting. She knew the demons would be calling for her soon. Making sure her love was fast asleep, she slowly crept out of bed. With an enchantment, she duplicated a lifeless copy of herself to take her place. She knew she had to be careful. If he had found her missing in the dead of night she knew he would assume the worst.

She dressed quickly in her garb, donning the black clothing she wore during these harvesting nights. She crawled onto the windowsill and perched onto it, her knees to her chest. She turned to look at her love, unlocking the window as she did so.

"Sleep soundly, I shall return."

And as she spoke she dove out, gravity quickly pulling her to the ground. The ground would not meet her, however, as her black wings sprouted from her back giving her flight. She soared across the sky, just above the tops of the city's buildings. As she flew, she surveyed the streets. She sensed an apparent lack of humans this evening. She would truly have to work for the souls this time around. Just then, she began to receive messages via her telepathy.

"I would be wary tonight, my dear, that incubus you loathe is out to harvest as well."

"Thank you," she said as she continued her flight.

She had a long history with this incubus. Whenever she found a soul to take he would always somehow beat her to it, harvesting for his own purposes. She had never actually seen the creature in the act of taking a soul but she knew when he had, for he would always leave his victims unconscious and whimpering. As she flew she received a premonition. A vulnerable soul was nearby. And so was he.

She flew there quickly and stopped only when she was directly above the alleyway where the victim resided. She glanced down at the unlucky one and was surprised at what her eyes saw. On the ground was a rugged man, about middle-aged with tattoos and multiple gnarly piercings about his face. But it wasn't his appearance that surprised her, it was the fact that she saw the man in crumpled fetal position, twitching. His soul had been taken.

"Damn it," she said as she continued to fly. He had beaten her to her prey once again.

The night continued like this. Never before had she experienced such a streak of misfortune. Whenever a soul presented its location to her she would arrive too late to reap it. After what seemed like ages she finally managed to set her sights on a target that was not already sniped. The soul she was after was on the move, running probably. As she hovered over her prey she was right. The soul she had her sights on belonged to a man who recently robbed a home in the dead of night. He was fleeing from the scene and he had no idea that she loomed over him, ready to devour his spirit.

As she dove down she suddenly felt another presence. He was nearby. She acted quickly and plunged to the robber, taking him in her grasp and lifting him off the ground. Swiftly, she took him to a dark corner of town and proceeded to draw the spirit out of him.

"Ugh, that took more effort than necessary," she said as she left her lifeless victim in the dark.

"I see you finally got one," she heard a voice say above her.

She looked up and sure enough her competition floated above her. He obscured the moonlight; she was unable to see his silhouetted face.

"Yeah, no thanks to you," she sneered back.

"Ooh, a feisty one, I see."

"You bet," she said, "Why don't you come down here so we can chat?"

He laughed at her, "What do you take me for? A fool? I know you're just calling me down so you can steal what I've worked so hard to harvest."

"Whatever," she said as she began to take flight in the opposite direction, "Let's make this a game."

She had her back turned to him, ready to bolt away as soon as she needed to, "Whoever harvests the most souls by the end of night wins."

"And what of the loser?" he inquired, turning his back as well.

"The loser must be the winner's slave for the rest of eternity," she replied, smiling under her breath.

"I look forward to making you my servant," he said as his wings took him away.

"I won't be the one doing the serving," she muttered to herself as she took flight.

She began to calculate the numbers in her head. He had already won three souls while she had a measly one to her's. She began to work diligently, flying at jet speed above the town. Adrenaline coursed through her demonic veins, the competition had given her new found vigor. She sensed another soul and made a bee-line directly for it. His presence wasn't nearby, this one was hers. Once above her prey, she nosedived onto them. The victim was a man recently accused of murder. The accusations were true she came to find as she devoured his blackened soul. She heard the flapping of wings above her. This time she had beaten him.

The night continued like this for a while. Eventually she had caught up to him, but he won another soul over her. They continued this way, neck to neck until one of them gained the upper hand by gaining one over the other. She had kept count now, tallying the numbers in her mind as she worked. Just then another telepathic message came to her.

"I would make quick, dear, dawn approaches."

"Oh s**t," she thought to herself. She had completely forgotten any sense of time during this game of her's.

She decided to make her next soul the last which was fitting, because she knew that at this point they were once again tied. This would be his last soul as well, unless he planned to shrivel and burn with the morning sun. Just then, the last soul presented itself. It was a few miles north. Her heart instantly doubled in time. She sent herself toward it, the wind blowing her hair as she flew. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw his winged figure approaching the soul as well. She grinned, he wouldn't make it in time, not with those huge wings of his. As she zoomed in on her target, her prey made a turn into another alleyway.

"Playing hard to get I see," she said as went for the kill.

She turned the corner, flying in for the kill. The terrified face of her prey brought her satisfaction and she flew to them, arms ready to take them. But just then, a figure swooped under her and took her prey.

"********!" she yelled.

The prey screamed in terror as they were pulled from the ground into the open night sky. She quickly took flight after them. They weren't too far off. She rammed the incubus with her shoulder. With the impact he let his grip on the human go, sending them in a spiral downward.

"Heh, tough luck," she said as she nosedived to take the victim just as they were about to hit the pavement.

With the prey in her arms, she felt a sense of victory. The body went limp in her arms, they had passed out from fright. She giggled to herself, just her luck it seemed. Deciding to take the soul on top of a nearby building she began to descend. As she was about to land she felt the impact of a tackle knock her off course, causing her to do a crash landing. The body loosened from her grip and she felt her heart sink. She lied there, the fall knocking the air out of her lungs. Her eyes opened slowly and she expected the incubus to be standing in front of her draining the soul from the human with a boastful look in his eye, but instead she saw nothing. The body lied in front of her, still motionless. It was then that she noticed the incubus's winged figure again, only this time he grew smaller as he withdrew. Had he forfeited?

"Heh, looks like I wi- AAGH!" she suddenly screamed. A seething burn began to take over her entire back. Sunrise was now taking place.

"s**t," she said as she took flight, her back still on fire. Her flight pattern turned sloppy. When she turned, her body ended up facing the rising sun and the burning spread to her face and arms. She was in agony. The adrenaline in her system from excitement now turned into adrenaline from fear. The prospect of death grew with every second that she was out there. She could feel her wings beginning to lose power as her body began to succumb to the pain. She soon found herself crashing to the ground again, the burning sensation now permeated fully through her. It choked the air from her throat. She screamed out as the sun continued to rise, intensifying the pain.

She lied there, powerless.

"I'm going to die here," she thought, "I'm really going to die out here."

Tears began to form in her eyes as she felt her power leave her. The world seemed to turn into a hazy white as she lied there in complete agony. She thought of her love. She thought of how she would be unable to make it back to him. Then the tears began to flow.

"I'm so sorry," she whispered.

The pain was unimaginable now. The burning had moved from her skin to her insides. She could feel herself physically turning to ashes. Just then, a large shadow loomed over and she was taken from the ground and back into the sky.

"What's happening?" she said to herself, struggling to remain conscious.

Her body hung, powerless. She felt the grip of arms around her as she watched the city below her. As she flew she noticed the strangeness of the situation. Even more so, she realized the path she was being taken on. Whoever grasped her was taking her back to her apartment. She was tempted to turn her head, to see who exactly was bringing her back, but she was too exhausted that she couldn't even lift her chin up. Soon, the window that she escaped from came into view, still open from when she took flight. As the window approached closer and closer she realized her savior had no intention of stopping.

She was taken through the window and she was sent against the wall, crashing into it. As she fell to the ground, she heard the thud of another body hitting the floor next to her. Dark feathers scattered everywhere obscuring her vision. The sudden darkness of the room took the pain away and she lied there, breathing steadily. Her body ached from crashing into the wall but this pain was nothing compared to what she felt in the sun. She was grateful for this lesser pain.

Gathering whatever strength she could, she rose and approached the window. She climbed weakly onto the windowsill and slammed the glass shut before closing the curtains, shrouding the room in complete darkness. Her feet began to slowly move, still weak from the earlier burning. She took herself back to her bedroom and stopped in her tracks. The bed was empty, her body double had long since expired. But this is not what stopped her. The other side of the bed, where her lover lie, was also bare.

"Looks like neither of us won," she heard a voice behind her say. She heard the sounds of legs moving. She felt the presence of the body slowly rising behind her.

"What a shame," the voice said. The faint footsteps slowly approached her.

Tears began to well in her eyes again and she felt the comfort of warm arms around her. These tears weren't similar to the ones of pain and sorrow she had shed earlier --no-- these were of joy. This time, she didn't have to turn her head to know who exactly was behind her. She didn't have to turn to know whose arms she was in.

"I love you," the voice behind her said.

"I love you too," she replied