June 9th
We arrived in Fangland yesterday and I'm so very happy to see it. It's very breathtaking for me to be somewhere new,especially a new continent! xp I'm really hoping to make up with Falconnie this week,because the other day there was an incident where I became,well,traumatized... Vinnie had scared me to death making me think that there were normies around. And then dumped me in the ocean. I have a running phobia of normies I just can't get over because I never really knew why my mother died,besides the fact that I was born. Anyways,someone had hurt her really bad,I have no idea who because my memory is still pretty foggy from that day emotion_facepalm BUT she became very upset and thought I didn't care. I really do care it's just that it seems like she won't accept my apology. At least,she hasn't told me she accepted my apology. She's the best ghoulfriend I've ever had,and I don't want to lose her as a ghoulfriend or a friend,for that matter.
Oh! That reminds me. Jen is back,and she's desperate for revenge. The nerve. At Vinnie's house,Jen arrived and started breaking things,and tried to attack Vinnie. Vinnie got a punch but soon after that she kicked Jen in the stomach. I then told Jen that her bus was waiting and then she left,saying this wasn't over. Yikes.. talk2hand