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Name: Voldarin
Age: Unknown
Race: Demon

Concept: This plot is meant for a pairing between a Demon and a Nun where a fresh young Nun stumbles upon the resting place of a Demon long restrained however don’t allow this concept to cloud your own creativity. One could easily play a patron of the church or even an Angle if they desired I’m truly open to all ideas for this roleplay. The main idea is simple the Demon wants free and he is willing to do near anything to escape, you might play a character naive enough to let him free or one who wants something in return really up to you.

Opening The Demon’s head hung low, only kept from the ground by a chain coiled around its neck like a Collar. The metal of it seemed to dig into hi flesh leaving his neck raw both from the strain of the chain and the holy water it had been coated in prior to its wrapping around his throat. Likewise the Demon was bound further, shackles kept its wrists together held back behind it while its ankles remained pulled together and chained to the wall forcing the demon onto its knees where it had knelt for centuries now. Each of these chains rose from behind the demon up to the base of a cross built into the wall of the room. There they were locked together keeping the demon still where he was, a key still resting pushed into the lock with a cross for a base its silver untarnished by the ages and this room had most certainly existed for ages. It seemed everything within was coated in a layer of thick dust other than the Demon of course who instead seemed to drip with sweat. The chamber however was cold as ice and if touched so was the Demon who upon further inspection would seem to be almost comatose. This was far from the truth however, the Demon was very much aware of its surroundings, of its imprisonment and made a wise choice, it was conserving its strength. It knew it could not pull the chains from its neck, it knew it could not even touch the key that kept it locked away, but it did know it would need its strength should it be freed. What it did not know was where it was, other than within a room hidden away from sight, indeed the perfect hiding place for a Demon it remained deep under a church in a room few could even see, blessed by holy magic the door was only visible to those of pure heart and intention or with the ability to see past the occult.