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"So, please, oh please, we beg, we pray, go throw your TV set away, and in its place you can install, a lovely bookcase on the wall." Roald Dahl
An outrageous advertisement policy
I got scolded for bumping threads with sloths and glow threads links, and it pissed me off.

I found it strange since usually I don’t mind rules and regulations - I believe that, when rationally constructed and properly followed by most, they make life easier and safer for everybody in society.

Why then I got pissed this time?
I gave it some thought and here are the conclusions:

Since childhood I hate double standards.
Since childhood I hate hypocrisy.
Since childhood I hate abuse of power.
Since childhood I hate persons in position of authority who abuse it to make harm.

And hate is not too strong of a word, however maybe "despise" would be more accurate.

Where do I find all of the above You may ask?

Firstly: the user is not allowed to recommend on-site, safe, and connected to the subject content which could help other post viewers on their quest to find good tanks, but gaia itself is allowed to put totally inappropriate, aggressive, and even unethical, harmful content just about everywhere on the site, including even such a private spaces as journals
Scams for pulling money out of people.
Porn chat invites (or something that surely looks like one, I sure hope that it's somehow limited to adult users).
Captchas that don’t even try to hide that they use methods of brainwashing (my personal "fauvorite" of german corporation that makes safety razors)
Internet miracle diets.
Fast foods (also in captachas).
Wrinkle removers dissaproved by medical doctors (they actually brag about it as if a good thing).
Commertials so stupid and ugly they deny onlookers any kind of intelligence or sense of aesthetics and are therefore clearly offensive.

Every kind of limitation that gaia puts on its users is about “children protection policy” but it shows no hesitation in directing advertisements at them, which was proven harmful (I’m not even mentioning commercials content this time) by study after study after study [links at the end of note].
It seems child protection policy does not apply to situation in which potential financial gain for owner comes into equation.

However of course God forbid if one of the users would like to share with others (who are obviously also in search of a glow) a good way to catch some more grabs.

Rules should be the same for everyone. If Gaia can advertise anything just about everywhere so should we, and I believe that users with some help from mods would be quite able to find some way of cooperation so that no one will get harmed.
If they are able to ignore all the spam gaia throws at them, they will surely be able to get to terms with fellow user spamers.

Hell I surely got reminded of Orwells quote "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others", and I always hoped it's only literature...


I’m not telling to get rid of all the commercials altogether I understand that market has it’s rules and if one wishes to stay on-line and keep all workers employed on decent terms in time of economical crisis one may be forced into lending space to some.
What I’m saying is: either get them under control at least as strict as you put on users and only allow the ones that recommend safe, healthy and environment friendly products in a straight forward way - thus maintain your high ethical standards set up when you started, or: allow users to do what you do, and let gaia become just another one typical internet hangout with the rule of the wild and market.


Free full texts

About dietary habits and what influences them

And the next one (research this time)

About healthy eating habits created by actual Medical doctors and dietary researchers. Save and government approved. Of course You won't find any advertisements of this on gaia, even if it would be much safer than payed commercials for it’s users about whom they supposedly care so much.

Choose my plate

About media influence on body image

Denise Winn “The Manipulated Mind” at google books
Denise Winn “The Manipulated Mind” at google books

Edited by Anthony R. Pratkanis “The Science of Social Influence”
“The Science of Social Influence” edited by Anthony R. Pratkanis on google books

Some more about manipulation and it’s basic techniques in simple terms

Adveritising ethics

and especially for girls though I’ve read some research recently which says that boys are also more and more prone to all the body-image diseases.

More in depth articles in science databeses (unfortunatelly You have to pay for acces, copy-paste links just in case so there won't be any misunderstandings wink )

Since the ones I see most often are the diet tips advertisements:


Influence of advertisements on children development and reasons for their strict regulations in other media:


And last but not least

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