Hey, everyone! Wow, it's been quite a bit since I've posted a journal, huh? Later on in the evening, Dream and I will be going to our school's HOMECOMING! This is my second year going, and the theme this year is underwater! The only blue dress Dream has is the one she wore for the ball, and that's waaaay too elegant. Hope you all are doing just dandy!

Lately, I've been becoming more satisfied with my works, along with being able to produce some awesome artwork with that, too! Normally, I am rarely satisfied with my art, and most of the stuff I draw with my graphic tablet comes out to be like crap. I've been posting all these things on my Tumblr, so please do take a gander! I'm gonna be doing some updates soon, including an announcement of a fan art blog opening!

Now, let's talk about HALLOWEEN. Are any of you Trick-Or-Treating this year? Last year's Halloween was really bad for me, so hopefully it'll be much better this year! Dream's preparing her Halloween garb, and it looks great! If only I can get some bat wings to top it off (you're looking at a poor 56K gold person here!) ... She'll probably wear it the following week. Dream can't wait to see what her Gaian friends will dress as!

Well, that's all for now! Gee, I really need to put some ending phrase here ...