Name: Tyrone Roderick
Age: 46
Birthday: December 29th
Height: 6’1”/185 cm

Distinguishable Features: Large, droopy grey eyes with a hint of purple; soft, kinky hair; lean, athletic build
Typical Appearance: dark grey trench, black suit /w slightly scuffed black oxfords
Occupation: Homicide Detective
Abilities: Shapeshifter (large, black bear); Karate

Personality: Tyrone generally is a calm (and somewhat grumpy) man. On the job, his bark can be worse than his bite and his bite can be worse than his bark. He's serious about pursuing justice and can easily become suspicious of people, whether its their cautiousness or even the smell of gunpowder wafting in the air. There are also times where he can be blunt. Please punch him or tell him off so he can get the message to simmer down (maybe not the former, though, don't get arrested, lol).

Tyrone also has a soft side to him, and this is best displayed around the people he cares for (family and friends), animals (bonus points if they're really adorable), and situations that do call for justice. A lot of times he'll display his empathy through actions, but there are occasional mutters he makes to show that he cares. He'll always bite the bullet and help if someone's in danger.

Work Behavior:

Tyrone is a homicide detective that sometimes gets frustrated at either the fact that his job means arriving too late or that too many people are bloodthirsty. Its for these reasons that he sometimes asks for cases relating to violence to be sent his way, just so that he can at least prevent less deaths somehow. Case information is usually a 'my lips are sealed' type of thing for the same reasons, too, not just because he isn't allowed. Knowledge is power, after all.

He can push pencils just fine, but is really in his element when he's out on the streets trying to solve a case. Tyrone will use his abilities to his advantage, whether its smelling things, needing to climb, or taking on criminals with greater strength than the average human. He prefers not to fight, but sometimes it can't be helped.

When it comes to the general public, he's actually more understanding of the animosity due to personal experiences and does his best to smooth things out. He will, however, become assertive with a hint of annoyance when things go south.

His work performance becomes better when he has a good cup of Joe and/or has his day set right thanks to his friends' interference. Other than that, though, its average, if you don't count his marksmanship/allergy issues or the types of people or organizations he dislikes working with.


• The large undead rat on his shoulder is Marshmallow, a gift from Rhea Byrne. He likes to state that all responsibilities of care go to his niece as a way to downplay his attachment, but in reality he loves Marshmallow like family and is the one that pampers her the most.

• He has a very bad habit of calling nearly everyone he meets kids. It can't be fixed.

• Crepes are his favorite food.

• Tyrone often worries about his family, especially Ebele. She ended up developing the talent for sniffing out clues, which she learned from watching him. While proving successful, his daughter is often not prepared for the next step - escaping to inform the authorities.

• Sydney Darell is his best friend and is the only man in the world Tyrone can trust with airplanes.

• Tyrone's allergic to gunpowder, which proves to be an embarrassing handicap for him on the force. Instead of using a typical firearm, he carries around a specialized laser gun, and since it makes him feel like he's in a cheesy sci-fi movie, he rarely uses it.

• He has a tendency to let out bear noises when he's irritated. The most heard are grunts.

• Tyrone also has a bear scent that's most noticeable in his bear form. He's been told he smells like musk, pine, and some unnameable spice.

• Before the big chop, Tyrone used to just let his hair grow out. His sister likes to speculate that it may have to do with the fact that it hindered him in past cases (like, a criminal pulling on it, for ex).

• He's very sensitive about his wife's death. Its best not to bring it up. What I will say, though, was that she was the closest to Tyrone and was loved by him very much.