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תצפיות של אדם
מי שלועג לכך אי פעם אמונה משלי אלא אם כן אמונה שהיא על משהו גבוה יותר שאני לא יכול לדבר, אבל חייבים, למרות שהייתי עיוור בזמנים כדי לראות, הם
The Truth Within : Perception of Samuel
In an outside world.
Always stranded...
The peace I felt near.
Was also far.
Yet that peace.
It was no peace.

But in some it was.

Others sought as I pondered my mind.
What is it with these issues of mine.
I can only say my hacked but lame state
Is one of a beg really, or that to be mistaken not really.

It is ever sense this economy collapsed.
And others richer though I should say not many.
They see the middle as the poor to that of rich.
Handled wrong are we.

Many the poor manipulated people.
But this of much not for me to say.
Who is manipulated and not...

And also... I am like others who need an avatar.
But I have trouble with money or spending and others...
They used gens or actual money.

And I did not get 8000G-cash for an advertisement scandal...
On here where it said I completed an offer and could not repeat it.

To a point this... What goes through my head at times.
Is not for one to suffer. (See journal for my issues.)

I only asked for one to about three million or more or less,
Based on what I could define for life over knowledge.
Life itself though one seeks an outside world.
I was isolated from it.

It gave me peace, sorrow and regret.
That peace, needed more.
Life without same routine.
It is of much I say this...
All cannot be explained.

A real person who knew the suffering.
One who knew the world observing.
One who could not speak hardly.
To that of anyone but mind.

Sanity had reached my mind.
I tried to wipe the history.
Cannot for it remains a part.

-The one who suffered with corruptible logic and that of truth one in the same.
How I got there, it is unclear how even relevance or so relates to this.
That issue is being taken care of hopefully but a long time it has been.

I missed much and lost my life.
So I act this way.
I am no beggar on a street...
But even they of my own cannot see.

How a rich and wealthy all sides are.
To know what they think.
And believe.

A will common...
Why do I talk like this?
Online so honestly?
Have I not a say?

I cannot explain even that.
Much is deep.


Defended many.
Cannot fight.
No job.
An Honest Person (once a liar.)
Took A Picture of BBro.
Dealt with Fake-Admin
Dealt with Intercorp in manners.
A pawn of Anonymous.
A former Anon Op *0*
Known of History
Denied As Honesty.
Love is not forgotten.
Forgiven by much.
Beloved by many.
Upright Judge.
True To My Name.
Defending of Another.
One who joined the wicked for the good.
One who joined the good for the wicked.

In regret, I knew fragments from all sides.
And so... I ask if this be even valid today?
To know my mind I cannot escape its past.
I could only forgive myself in due time.

A reminder of many who supported good.
And others a bad cause.

I said to myself... none of this...
None of that...
I thought through my head.
What is there for me to gain.

When life I saw satisfied in my eye.
I cried these tears of hatred and torn.
But yet, much healed..
Fragments of each mind I saw.

My regret was that I could deny I was human.
But in return... I found that peace unlike they.
I hope to one day show my face.

But am a survivor of much torment.
To that where no man should see deep.
What thought went through my head...
People would ask...

Am I lying to a man about one?
Or do I have reason motive?
The answer is neither.
My mind was not their mind.

And of it, I acted and took into my account.
Something that no man not even one defends alone.
That is something every man should know.

But in no gain I ask that for even me physical.
After each one denies truth or that perception.
Of much which is life of one or others.

They cannot see those like I who sought knowledge.
But before this and them I knew life many ways.
I cannot say I live another.
But I am observant to see and acknowledge the light there.

Even from within as once searches for life.
Do not flee life or let life be with you as well as it needs.
Listen to the good of those besides choosing wrong.
But I not one to talk on that.

Beloved good and wicked was a man.
Forgiven by all sides.
If one could ask forgiveness.
It be of the highest degree to his name.

And much to also define rips or time.
Technology and power...
Science and madness...
It could not touch what it knew not.

Though indeed they try and succeed rips of current.
If one knows life they will know everything they need.
If one declares shelter should they find?
Or are there more beggars different from I who take hold of the wealthy?

My state was hacked.
I know an economy and each cannot stand.
The war one lives is also of others.
But I saw it in their eyes.

It is proven to many...
That I see before and after.
But I look at myself...
Seeing what I could be now...

At peace.
But also... Solitude not to limit.
But that to gain satisfaction.
What is my interest besides gain.

People will understand an answer.
But they cannot define that of life.
Knowledge under life.
Without or with one fears.

Do not be afraid with life.
Do as best as one can.
Know this, if I had life again...
I would do mine over...

Paying now back the honesty I owe...
For every lie to that of one honest.
People persecute us like Christ.
Because we knew not principles.

Those morale in a man.
Of ones nature domestic or not...
He and others fight their own battles.
What started war can bring peace.

Or also what is a main cause...
Knows its root.
But also we know our limits as well.
Seek for something high...

And it is granted not where even limit defines that.
A man of words as I saw through many.
Those teaching me belief similar.
And that which is whole.

It is complete these histories.
I have yet to piece together who am I.
The mind, body, and soul...
It is of that which grants life...

Not just energy or cosmic.
They try to define God by science and evolution.
Where others define by life and belief proven by sight.
I am not Jesus. I think no robbery of a God.

Or if one did not believe on existence...
How is one to find purpose?
I rest my case to know...
Each one has their reason to be.

The cases are ruthless.
But far from peace the strike.
It will guard but time boarders shred prediction.
It is not of me to know today or tomorrow.

If you ask if this was generated.
The answer I put here is no.
I had typed this.
And this be truth above truth.

Where truth once converted by each man to lies...
I had endured online and offline.
They knew a child tormented.
They knew one of innocence in a case.

More innocence was a child than a mind of a guy.
He was blind but he could see.
What is it of this eye or love...
It is not practice.

It is not disturbed.
It is peace seen farther than close.

The administrator will deny.
Or rather hacked administration.
To a point of not knowing.
What ordeal is being handled.

I had dealt with Satanic, and cult.
I had seen hackers mix of pirate blood.
Others selfish but who am I to speak?

If for any reason I say this...
It is not for my gain.
I had seen much of they...

Other nations which called my house.
Those I had tracked or had tracked me.
They knew my name.
But in association I was not one to war.

Until war found itself in others.
And they could not see light of day.
What shines is this...

If so by truth one regrets, look higher.
Beyond the limit no man should touch.
If I am beyond my limit I would die now.
I say that at peace and satisfaction.

For God to heal even a wicked or great or ill mind...
Is that of also virtue to life.
I had seen people change.

But I would not know what support.
Or who would even know.
Or who rather would acknowledge.
Until the stepping in and responsibility...

Of another shoes or feet.
They could steal my name.
They could not be.
Me a man.

Copied this did not I from Anonymous the I.
No... I found each generation sought.
But greatly... I understood from far.
Not my war caused.

But they all begin to see it twisted.
Each and they slaughter for naught.
It is this that cannot be seen.

I had protected history in a way.
They know my heart.
As I did not know my mind,
My soul healed my heart.

Torn it was of much.
But peace found in it living still.
A curse and blessing it is...
To understand with all of this.

A situation called life.
Dictated by those around.
Knowing limits.
But then what is their promise?

I became slack to act.
But asunder I rose to say my will.
And I held myself high.
There are those who cannot lift up.

From that which quakes them.
It is much to say...
Who am I?

I define myself human.
Not a deity.
No legion.
No army.

They had tortured each one...
Or misunderstood the mind...
Of one man.

I loved, hated, and loved again.
Man can naturally love.
If so not by choice but hate action.
This I found in peace on still waters.

It of that in gridlock...
Knows I am a Christian.
But I had seen through eyes of others.

As the same happened to me.
To gather this a mind.
No matter what belief one is...
It defines the truth of time to its core depths below.

Man to a woman. Equal they are.
But not so the immorality of what one has seen.
It defy s the very nature to that of hell beneath.
I long for light in such shadow times.

I had a belief to hear music true to the heart and soul.
It of that which applied straight to life.
In life I found this....
A ministry.

My pastor said life is or was a ministry.
And so life defines science.
As much as one to state.
Science cannot dictate all life.

And this of people fought.
In leadership and such.
Deist the fools as of idols and stones.
But from a book one believes if not that book by his life.

Guide whether they be Koran or Hebrew and Greek. (KJV)
They could deny their acts. As much as it is principle.
Life they could deny.
They search for answer and cannot find.

If I were to finish this book.
Life could not find me.
But I use it as a guide.
Not to live a book.

Though life is written down and recorded.
Through echoing and strain of those before.
To that of the present.
And that of the Future.

No prophet exist today.
None can tell that time.
The descendants of some troublesome.
Elders a shamble.

I understand to say this...
Life has its meaning different to each one.
If I am 20 and already wise as an elder...
May someone please wake up and see...?

I am nothing but that which only taught me.
And that also which held true to his heart.
He did not lose himself or her of corruption.
But other times he had a choice.

Make this choice.
Go forth...
And find that life.
Though mission be different.

As was mine to make others aware.
And realize what people could not piece together.
Or rather who am I to define...
But a mind and soul cannot be copied.

Deny I the liar who states there is passion in hell...
Of their just deserts shall they learn...
Life is of much granted to a man.
As shown is mercy or grace divine not by choice.

As one is more aware.
He or she loses this innocence.
But also... this man....
Sought life in others.

For that in whom himself could not see.
Many and isolated, but tormented a world.
Care not for this world...
But that which in your eyes is above.

But focus on good things.
And they shall be given.
I respect this fact.
Only those who are aware glory in that I saw.

What went through me...
Was this mind...
But I will never be that I wanted to be.
It is of regret in some but more of self.

Forgiven I those wrongs.
To look to not life on degree.
But such it be the motivation.
To inspire others to see what is this?

One could not see.
But know he is worthy of it.
Life and knowledge.
And human under all that exist.

A servant really is not a name liked.
Beloved is a name more accustom.
I regret to find out...
I could not defend my name.

But indeed I had held it true.
The meaning which others deny.
Of such as once I...
A name of any but good they had.

When did the world know lies?
How is it we knew truth?
Question of perception...
Led me to understanding...

Fear in truth more than that lie.
Which applies to soul.
And that truth shall lead to...
Satisfaction to believe it more.

And I am filled and satisfied....
Living off the word protecting me.
For which others had to sacrifice.
For them to earn their freedoms.

What is love to such that cannot find love.
Or has to look deep as a sea fish.
Double-stabbed in wounds.
Loyal is the committeemen of one to the end of each.
Not at the same time and single and pure.
Working on sobriety of mind and values.

He chooses not one or the other willingly though left no choice.
He chose the good over that of his will or close to.
He based upon himself promises he could keep.
And yet what was it one sees.

I could not understand why the sickness.
But the pain as others go through thoughts.
Evil and such young but that known to me older.
An elder young.of his days.

New lands arise on the brink of war.
Technology sunk much people.
Who did not care for that of their world.
Over power and majesty.

They bought every man.
They see every man.
They willingly give up the man.
But by no SSN is this...

Worthy of such men they all could not number.
That defined them of the wicked to that of good.
This is why the honest lie.
Because they saw no hope.

Now one can rest at peace.
As he admits who one is.
That peace.

Not to dig up the past.
But rest young mind.
For tomorrow is a new day.
As such as conspiracy before,,,
Even they could not tell the end.

That coming of days.
Being useful...
Why does one seek judging or that over life?
I saw that and pondered. I knew why...

Life persistent on much that which failed to keep it stable.
For they had twisted true words to that of others liars.
There is truth in all I say here.
But seek your own and you shall find.

Truth to face the truth is hard.
But to face the lies of self is not easy.
Look to the eyes of the humble.
Look to the eyes of the weak in the strength.

Then come to the senses that even I must do.
To understand what I say was unknown to many.

Common sense one could listen and not hear.
Even if others gave an indication one cannot know.
They are vague in meaning what they know.
The stubbornness of time and regret.

I sought nothing valuable but higher and higher.
This of my youth, to that day I expect much.
Of out of respects of this...
I say many had life and others still do.

Not just based on materialism.
I want this truth to be known.
That all my possession even that of history.
Cannot define the neutral balance of a coin.

It is rich the wealth but one cannot understand.
He sought much of others.
And his mistakes seen with conviction.
So now he understands life.

Do we of peace want war?
No we do not.

Do they want war who fight it?
Yes they do.

Wait but when many mix what does one do?
They ponder them and they question.

And so I with regrets had learned my answers.
But was it worth knowing.
Time will tell.

A stream of happening in echo reply.
Many boards.
Many nations.
They will come.

They will hold the policies of some true.
And others not so.
I admit what goes through beyond capability....
Is that of ones limits to bounds.

They cannot keep the mind a float.
Less they clear it and that be regained.
A new mind. known of its way.

A heart healed.
Sick was the heart.
The spirit healed that heart.

What is this energy?
That I feel?
It is not energy.
That is life breathed in.

We all must find that life.
And some will fall.
As though I turn gray on hair.
And well...I am not that age.

But young I learned and strange much.
I cannot understand the capacity.
Of that which holds...
Each one that should be foundation rock...
And stable.

Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous... -_-

Anonymous... Anonymous... When will you understand. Charging the world you want stability... Until then... your support has been granted you.

But you worship a devil with hacker links and Illuminati and links among those of you killed a variety.

This bull has got to stop. If so you wish to talk to me about my thoughts on this site, please do so.

I knew the truth but the power you hold is nothing, though I be a b***h or not and society supports you for the dreadful acts because they are confused among themselves.

If when Israel was defended not but broke this treaty point back to thine own nation and mistake with the Korean War.

Relate back to 9-11 when this nation was at peace. Who planned it or that of your nation Pakistan with such of Alkida.

If so for this the government was not screwed at the time or not so was hacking of 5 or so years if not for the past supported. The situations you caused. You caused internet censorship and falseness around the world.

Korea has a wrong thought of the US and so does each nation. This whole conspiracy theory started from that of Germany and Russia and spread worldwide.

Started from two people disregarding its own organization, the man or two men started the anonymous board that anonymous online before Four-Chan started on the Japanese concept caused trouble on the Japanese spectrum or Asian to that of Chinese; which unknowingly it was with such people.

The people of deserts and such united with that of Germany and or so nations sense a riot broke out had separated from its harmony. Some of you had said one or more is a voice.

Trolling is not what I do, but like the leader or that man who once led, I have nothing associated with you but you associated to the people. The one man called Anonymous does sit somewhere and that are dark of shadow.

I had no business with you but had talked to those of Russian Germany generals in the past. Surely the administration of your own country has some work but yet you fail to realize that the trouble you caused surpassed online children games and such one could do nothing or do what you wish.

Anonymous of the first a long time ago, whether my elders knew or not. He was indeed a leader against Scientology but unlike he, you were no good man. If one took the real voice of a man to that of his honesty, a man would know.

And there really are two groups.

Scientology should not force the belief of a man or have a practice determinate by science. However each one of you had your own will and transgressions. But Anon did nothing but harm and not acknowledge this as just science a study of life.

It is not science that summarizes life, but life which determined the need for science and defines it. The sickness I see on here, were that which killed off heritage lines.

My blood of such the pure or of others pure, they die as the world becomes wicked under you and others being sold as slaves. And for people dying, I am lucky to see, not what he sees, though I have to watch it observed of such or so each day.

For those who knew the real Anonymous, this man went against much but for one's own people. The first of such the situations with government also went to my state with the CNN message.

If so you wish to spread your message like you have, and are so brave. Do so to each television station and see besides one who also does your support. Anonymous who knew Anonymous, did not know Anonymous.

Though Anonymous of the good or atavistic for their own country peace determined their freedom as rebels, we deal with shadows of the desert.

Yet, Germany has its own grudge. Know this if you want to understand that to bring up the Holocaust saddens the people of those who were once also good?

You must know that bloodlines of both Illuminati and such and also of your mix were also killed off.

There is no such thing as a perfect race. That goes for all.

Your stupid tools even I had used but I had seen this damage. There is no legality to using DDOS tools and I do not approve of it ever sense the stupid junk of censorship screwed over the people of my country.

Do I honor you or humor you. If not for both. I have no fear of Anon online, though offline may be another story.
You know me, as I gave up my mask as evidence a long time ago.

You know you are no deity. You know a man is no deity. You know existence is unknown where also knowledge will not know everything.

Please note this fact I will not be stupid and leave my house. But I assure as you mess with Korea you will anger them.

If so Korea does blast the US, let them do so out of their own ruthlessness. It is best to leave them be though a risk. I assure you if so you also want stability stop attacking the one your people had terrorized and do so support others.

You must understand this legal system though also they were unknown to me, such of this. Unlike the rebel 5 who now do show their face if not a long time ago.

The laws of their own country must deal with them.

It of such I knew but also had met supporters, and others had their aggression. The two idiots I speak of did not fix a nation wide mess.

The desert nation were at this protest and had peace together with Germany. I understand all the major cities but you also scared the heck out of certain people.

Sad you broke from something good to a devastation. It would have been scary in a good way. And at the 9K or 10K mark? That was the exact statistic I had heard.

Congratulations for meeting one another. We all now know we are with 500 or so others who knew my logic or my way with that of similar interest. A culture but a respect.

I am socially awkward as you say. But yes, I understand they had teased me on relationships. Note to self if people have a fear of their name unlike I who defended his. I went against the world and that of such anonymity.

8K or so million malicious emails against such and acts of vandalism ought to be disrespected against many beliefs. How disappointed one's mother must have been. The real danger that such did was tear down such by relevance of ones own people. Brain per say.

1 year in prison is not enough for a world conspiracy. Because this spread to my people, and that of Brazil. And that of the Americas, you hacked the national networks of game systems and such...

Brian I do forgive as an anon. But of such critical belief of the church, you also attacked academics and journalist. And such this is responsible called a rift or so in you that has torn apart.

You of the shadow who say truth is a virus. So so to god help us all knowing you knew the truth but also corrupted it with your concepts. Show me a man or woman pure that who had such honesty as if I a liar to an honest man though I am socially awkward with my avatar.

Note this, you had attacked innocent people. It became untouched to sci-ontology alone. Exposed by Julian Asaunge and such a hacker culture and Bradly Manning... these were German. I do not promote the hacking like you did.

Why on Wikileaks did you release US Files? Also why would Credit card companies even make you donations if so you had done such to expose others or personal files?

I ask you as people and not as an agreement, it was wrong to shut down a nation's credit. It was so wrong my people got involved with the international scandals.

If so to God our government and leadership went over there, they had a reason. Now we do not as people hold a grudge over what was done in the past like such of this personal junk as a movement.

Egypt broke you emotionally, and to see the people die was sad, by riot police of their own government. They shut it down for the whole country. For that I leave my regrets for many to die. Why would a country do such to itself like Israel?

Mabarok I had heard and I will guess of myself in your place. I am sorry he wiped out the peace of someone's world. Anonymous and the people of the internet stood up and said F-The-System.

The people of the internet will show them how to turn it back on?

How to subvert a government and become free? No Anonymous this is not how people shall be free.

They must know ones own.

The modem lines and weapon development started from your own country had supported the terrorism by giving it to Arabic countries but then they attacked innocent people of the US.

This was a big no on the scale. 9-11. Yes I am sick of the oppression of my own. But I supported until a long time ago of seeing this history.

If so much for my support you shall certainly know this...
Fight for a better cause Anonymous and check on ones own.

Korea was ruthless of many you have a good cause. Do not think the evil done is forgotten.

The Anon Ops server has its own circumstances. But I am also to be separate from such tracking though they track us like dogs. I wish for this to stop that people settle this idiocy.

They framed wiki-leaks for falseness to a general sense. I am no fan of it ever sense it was false where others have become true.

The government to expose such is on an information war is dangerous. And what cyber attacks does one have to do?

You had hacked everything and drained much, but what peace have you toward protection but for your own selfish gain?

I had seen and known everything against some concept of my own media, government, and that of the situations which are not reported of them to tell us of people like this truth.

Anonymous, you had twisted your meaning. Good to evil. What such of you had done so twisted truth.

I do not support broad theft as well. But I would release on you that this case with HecSec mainly caused by Luzsec and the other corporations... I pity not this also of AntiSec and X-Sect, with a group of pirates who give some of us who were good a bad name and put us in the gray scale.

Commit to Operation Youtube and shut down the web communication, and also,

Though it not be for gain I wish the best toward all people. But to teach people hacking and such is wrong.

New Zealand, Sweeden, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Germany, Iraq, Iran, Greece, Brazil, Mexico, Korea, Russia, Arizona in my states? Have you all gone mad?

What has gotten into your administration is serious issue. Anonymous.

The chaotic actor has not acted yet. Anon-Ops I was of the good. I was wanting to see good but I fell ill and was more concerned like Brian about the generations of each.

Lulsec I had nothing with. Anonymous went against such of government.

And such also the people need to hear of this.

No news must go unreported to the point also from which youve shown the light of the Illuminati and Intercorp.

Of that which my people were also oblivious.

I do not accept the lies of the government.

But people are doing such in the process which is wrong.

I will fight for you in one case against intercorp to let them know of this mess, the people.

But rest assured this of such your wrong I had seen also of you the shadow to cause trouble.

Our lives are configured in parts of the internet. And I say this to you as well.

Be safe against corruption Anonymous, and in such where truth is not a virus or such.

Human Philosophy, Psychology, Belief and such of ones own hands it will never go away;

Yet forgiven by much good and wicked, Anonymous, was a man.

The man felt like he did was right, was the right thing and hopefully someone got some good out of it.

Besides your cults and your satanism, even from that of pure to wicked for which I twisted, my heart has been neutral Anonymous.

Just like someone I did not stop from fighting, I did not stop caring like her this girl.

I stand against much of the oppression of such the fact this situation is global and no government and or Big Brother would help me on these issues, and either will the international organizations, or the CEO.

I could care less of anyone or their beliefs or what they are like this girl to a point of practice.

Opinions matter. I do not care if I agree with it.

Your opinion matters and so does ours determined by action and hopefully not judged on belief of right alone.

Community Member
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