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Thunderous Wingbeats
As a role-player, writer, gamer, anime lover, and dragon researcher (as in, I study all types of dragons from myth, games, and books), I find getting my thoughts anywhere is hard. So, this is my journal to put down whatever comes to mind.
Where are you now?
Are you lost?
Will I find you again?
Are you alone?
Are you afraid?
Are you searching for me?

So my ideas for Point of Infinity. I'm a little upset that the mod for the roleplay has not appeared as of yet. Even though I am told that he doesn't get on often, I just feel like he should get on, if anything to check his gaia mail. Oh well. My character's name is Senzai Heki. She is a Nintaki, which is a race of humanoid creatures that resembles humans with long spiked tails. Only at the age of 19, she has been in Tanaris for about 15 months and has a son, Kitan Heki, who is also 15 months old (being born around the time she arrived in Tanaris). I don't really feel like posting her bio in a journal... that would be a long read... but to make the story short, while she was in her universe she was raped by the village head in order to keep her in line and as to not shame her family by not completing the Rite of Passage onto womanhood. This causes her to flee from the village, slowly getting weaker in constitution and strength, and eventually she finds herself in the world of Tanaris. Now, for those who haven't read about Point of Infinity click here to learn more about it. It looks like it could be a great roleplay if it gets enough active people in it. Of course, you would need your profile to be accepted first.


On a different note, I am in the process of creating my own role play. The idea originates from Parasyte, a sci-fi manga that talks about alien parasytes taking over human bodies and using them to destroy the human race. (a really good read, I recommend it) Anyways, the storyline goes something like this for my role play: Ever since the beginning of time, parasitic creatures known as salamanders (this name may change later, but no I am not talking about the lizards) have existed. Originally, they could live without the need of hosts in this hostile environment of new planets, however, when the sea rose on Earth, so did their mortality rate. Eventually, they either left the planet before it's atmosphere finished forming or they evolved into creatures that would attach themselves to different creatures to survive. Now it is the human era, and with recent technology, science has been able to recognize the creatures who attach themselves to humans. This is where the role play begins. Of course once I get all the details out, people will understand how the rp will work.
Players have choice of playing either a human with full control over the salamander, a human and a salamander who are both active in the same body, or a salamander with full control over the human body. To make it even more diverse, they can also choose to "help" the government to destroy the parasites that have gone "out of control", to aid the parasites in defending themselves, or to join a group that tries to find a way to allow the parasites separate from their human hosts and leave Earth for good. In this, there is no good, or bad side, not to mention there is no real "main character" roles. However, I will probably need at least one in each area, though would hopefully have at least three in each.

But that's enough out of me for now.

Why did you go?
I had to stay.
Now I'm reaching for you.
Will you wait?
Will you wait?
Will I see you again?

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