Why is that gay men have left lobes and right lobes that are equally sized ,supposedly, like straight females. While gay females have slightly larger left lobes then their right the same as heterosexual men.
So straight men and women would continue with relations, but gay women theoretically wouldn't engage with other gay women because their brain type is the same. When two women are in a romantic relationship they both have male brains according to psychology. Would the mentality of that relationship be similar to a homosexual female and a male being together? I believe it would be more logical for heterosexual males and females to be together, as they always have, and gay men and gay women to be in relationships. Does this mean gay women are more compatible with straight women? So technically a woman who claims to be heterosexual can be with a lesbian and be correct about her orientation? Are the brains of homosexual females heterosexual male brains? Example~ A female has a homosexual male brain, she still likes men but has the brain type of a male. She may feel like a male trapped in a females body even though she still likes men as expected of her gender in this society. Some not so divergent thinkers would ask why it matters, it does for a few reasons 1. She many not like having a feminine appearance 2. She may be attracted to gay males (technically this makes her brain a heterosexual male brain that is considered homosexual in context) 3. She probably is offended by the terms used for females and the stereotypes associated with females. I am done with that scenario, think about that for a while