"Did she just call me grumpy" thought Minako as her eyebrow twitch. Well she was upset but it was more because she's been stuck on boat for over a month and almost had heat stroke. So basically she wasn't so cherrie as Kirin.
Taking her umbrella and tilting to the side, she avoided making eye contact with Aiyana while she ask about their speciality which Minako figure she was trying to make talk.
Minako could tell her but what good will that do, she will only amused the girl and scared her later on. They were always scared, been human or little intrusive onis.
While living in the temple, onis with low power where always trying to intruded in her territory, trying to kill her. Just like those foolish disgusting humans who trespass and try to capture her, one even try to kill her blaming her for the storms his village and the missing villagers. Now it wasn't her fault they got lost, Minako never invites people or even let them get close. So if their missing, the fools must of died by natural reasons.
As they arrive they were stop again by a man who look odder then the girl but had distinguin aurora