Hi, hi!

It's been a long time! I'm still alive! I, unfortunately, go through periods of time sometimes where I disappear from Gaia for a while then come back. I'm slowly coming back right now!

As of June (well really the end of May) 2017, I am a pit master at a barbecue restaurant and enjoying it. It also feels good that I can pay for my own school loan. I've signed up for the JLPT that's taking place in December so I'm excited for that!! I'm taking N5. I wanted to take a higher level but I think it's best to start off from the easiest level.

I'm still obssessed with ューリ!!! On Ice whee In fact, a friend of mine that went to visit their dad in Japan earlier this summer, got me an official ューリ!!! On Ice keychain! It was Otabek! I've also ordered the Victor and Yuuri nendroids but they are on back order so it might be a while before I get them... emotion_8c

That friend has invited me to come along to Japan next year so I am sooo psyched!!

I'll update a little later guys!